10 iPhone 8 Facts, News, Rumors, Features and Release Date Information

The iPhone 8 is coming in 2017 and were taking a look at the top to iPhone 8 specs, iPhone 8 features, iPhone 8 release date, iPhone 8 news, iphone 8 rumors and general information.

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iPhone 8 Release Date : 14th September 2017 (Our Guess)

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  1. You showed apple logo with sun no phone master chief confirms cloaking device iPhone 8 unsc confirms it yep September 14. iOS 11 great journey iPhone 3d 4K halogrphic sccreen iris scaner wireless charging 5 storage options 4 gab ram new 5g cellared suport 10 gab/s. cellular conection vr suport. Halo deck. From micro soft halo lens. And pact Sony embrace satite phone itnet back up master chief wife has it playing right now a11 chip quad core 1.84 ghz. Oh also played. Halo Xbox 360 games Microsoft from halo combate evolved too halo 4

  2. 32 go 128 gab 256 gb iPhone 7 7 plus 3 gb ram 2gb ram for 7 click bait

  3. I just convinced my parents to get me the 7 lol it will be awhile till my next upgrade

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