10 iPhone Life Hacks That ACTUALLY Work!

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Today I’m showing you guys 10 weird life hacks for iphone and texting! Texting life hacks can be very useful… some of these I have tested out and others I haven’t! Let me know which of the life hacks worked for…

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  2. I love your top it's so pretty xxx

  3. your voice sounds so much like amanda bynes

  4. This was more iMessage hacks

  5. I liked some of these hacks thanks

  6. How old are you Adrienne?

  7. SMS:Service Error 305:
    Message Delivery Failed.
    Further messages will be charged to your account.

    (if you want it here it is)

  8. voice memo just needs them to use another device to record it and then your voice is evidence

  9. I just started watching your videos and they are so cool, you earned a subscriber

  10. video starts at 0:50

    your welcome;)

  11. What size foot are you??

    Also side note your initials is AF 😂 that's Slay!
    Ok i no I'm a dork
    I have a channel for YT
    And a musically @its_siya_s

  12. the Google one did not work.

  13. ATTENTION!!– The Google thing DOES NOT WORK!! They took it off because so many people would text a day.– Thank you for your attention

  14. Google isn't working text

  15. I absolutely love your hair!

  16. I tried the texting Google thing and it said bug sending this your mobile device will be charged I was wtf, wth do I need to pay like bruh fr

  17. The first one is life 😬😬😬😬😬😬

  18. I tried the delete a text thing and it didn't work.

  19. Do a samsung galaxy life hacks video

  20. Yeah the Google one didn't work😕

  21. Ya same I tried it but it doesn't work 😕

  22. i thought the voice memo one was smart but then i realized they could just copy and paste it and they know its you because of your voice 😂

  23. Thanks these were really cool

  24. I love all her vids she a great helper bc she teaching us how to do stuff she is very smart

  25. The airplane mode doesn't work

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