5 Reasons Why Google Pixel is Better than iPhone 7

iPhone is a great phone with lots of features but this time Google has come up with a phone that provides stock android expirience without compromising in anything. This makes Google Pixel Very Hard to beat! .

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  1. your s pronunciation with headphones is killing me !

  2. your voice is soooooooooooooo low

  3. why I hear lots of ssss?!

  4. how do u got those coloured background

  5. The fastest way to open the iPhone's camera is to raise to wake the display and swipe to left. no need to unlock or anything .

  6. I love my iPhone 7. Was a Android fanboy for sure.

  7. You don't really need multiple windows in a small phone like the Pixel. In my opinion "Quick Switch Between apps" (double tap in "Overview") is a much better advantage in multitasking!

  8. Both phones are overpriced piles of shit.

  9. i dont like how they made it look similar to the iphone

  10. I use Redmi Note 3….
    Can you make a video of the best apps for Redmi Note 3….because my friends have told me that your apps selection are really awesome…….
    Please help me…

  11. It's the first time I saw your face 😍

  12. The dislikes are just nazis !

  13. I advice the iSheep to just follow Apple, all those extra options the launchers and all that might confuse you
    just follow Apple until they completely sink themselves WITH YOU

  14. if note 7 was alive.. title would be like: Why note 7 is better than google pixel and iphone 7.


  16. The lack of back button in IPhone is a pain in the neck.

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