Apple iphone 6S vs iPhone SE Speed Test

Apple iphone 6S vs iPhone SE Speed Test. In this video we will do a speed test between iPhone 6S and iPhone SE. We will compare their apps opening time, Boot Speed and Fingerprint unlock speed.

iPhone SE unboxing:
iPhone 6S unboxing:

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Readers Comments (19)

  1. Does iPhone se supports volte can we use Jio sim in it please reply !!!!

  2. The iPhone 6s has higher screen resolution than iPhone SE, considering them to have exactly same processor and RAM iPhone 6s's GPU had more load. Pretty much defines that 5 seconds difference! Good video btw 👍

  3. you did not start at the same time

  4. It's the same cpu. In normal use they have the same speed.

  5. On the first round you take a picture with the 6s but didn't with the se. In this case the 6s a bit faster than se.

  6. theres so many variables not taken into account

  7. Great one,but in the second round, you switch apps too fast to see if some of the apps(espacially games) were really working in the background or it's just a screenshot.

  8. no lie dude, my SE starts up within like 5 seconds. don't understand why it took so long in this vid.

  9. Please give your iphone se to me

  10. Thanks for the great review Apu !!

  11. larger screen …..finger covers more distance….. 6s ought to take more time….😂😂😂

  12. they r competing with everythingapplepro and detrot borg guys leave u cant

  13. this is not a fair comparision..:( iphone 6s should be winner..even u took more time in 6s

  14. iPhone 6s display size is larger than the iPhone SE.. so the time taken to reach the home button from the top of the display is more than on the SE. do consider that also..:-/

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