Apple iPhone 7 vs Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge 4K video stabilization comparison

Apple’s iPhone 7 features an improved camera system with optical image stabilization (OIS) in addition to Apple’s excellent digital stabilization, so we were curious to see whether it managed to record smoother and more stable video than another great camera phone, the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge.

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  1. why iPhone 7 4k are like 480p?

  2. S7 edge is more detailing

  3. i can guarantee you this video is fake

  4. A shitty comparison video. At least just hold them for awhile without walking.

  5. S7 edge is my current fav

  6. no one would dare and type that iphone is good phone… apple is shit people are buying 100$ phone for 700$ ,when u can buy galaxy s7 for less money and more power quality #samsungisthebest

  7. sumsang 100 time beter than i phon 7

  8. God damn the Iphone 7 is garbage

  9. this is excellent for filming my amateur porn

  10. But why S7 camera moving like a jelly fish-eyes?!

  11. which options u need to put 4k video

  12. I almost think this was purposely bias…you didn't even film it right Yukon should have had the same field of view for both
    And only used the regularly camera and not the telephoto lense

  13. Why all Iphone 7 videos look not focus? They look blurry!!!!

  14. your video is terrible

  15. Samsung is always better in camera than iPhone or any other shit

  16. Looks like the iPhone 7 has digital stabilization on it as well, which will reduce the quality further, please check the settings. But both phones suck with anything beyond mild movement, need a gimbal.

  17. Of course, this kind of comparison is very subjective, but my experience with Samsumg vs iphone camera capabilities is this: For the last three consecutive generations of phones, I have owned a Samsung Note or S series while my wife and daughters have chosen the iphones (4, 5 and 6, with my wife choosing the 6+, the last time we swapped phones for newer models) With no exceptions, the Iphones have had inferior low-light photo and video capabilities with no perceivable difference video-camera-wise in normal lighting conditions. I say this as it is my personal observation, as well as that of my wife and daughters, who begrudgingly admit that the Samsung phones seem to have had superior cameras over-all over the last several years. Of course, this comparison excludes the new Iphone7 as our family has yet to make that jump (but soon). That said, everyone I know who owns the new Iphone 7 claims that the gap narrows considerably between Samsung and Apple because of the improvements that Apple has made in its latest flagship phone. Please note that I am not a Samsung fanboy at all. In fact, if Apple would provide native QI charging, and expandable storage, I'd probably go with an Iphone, if only to reduce the phone insanity around our house. Thanks for the comparison and cheers.

  18. S7 EDGE!!!!!! …..and not because I'm a GALAXY FAN either…..the Video is self explanatory!!!!

  19. Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge have the better camera out there.

  20. s7 egde was so much smoother

  21. S7 edge is better and clear

  22. Iphone 7 much better stabilization with a cheaper price.

  23. The S7 is smoother, I also prefer the image. The iPhone 7 was all over the place…thank you for the video!

  24. I love my S7 Edge but I don't want to die from explosion!

  25. S7 Edge and I did that without looking to see which one was which until the end

  26. Fan Samsung be like Samsung 4k video is better than iPhone 7

  27. S7 Edge dominated, not even close 🙂

  28. I think the iPhone looks more stable, but the S7 is so much clearer…

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