BlackBerry Passport Challenge: Day 1 – Switching from an iPhone

Cam introduces a new 30 day challenge. Will he make it through a full month with a BlackBerry Passport as his main device?

Get involved on Twitter, using hashtag #PassportChallenge and ask questions, send suggestions and more to @PhoneDog_Cam.

In this video, Cam introduces the challenge and how he set up the device to make sure it was ready to be used as a daily driver. Including: Adding iCloud to BB10, managing the Hub and more.


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  1. hi can u also tell about the gaming expirons on passport….

  2. FFS! There is more to life than having your world revolve around your mobile phone.

  3. I've used every generation of iPhone since the 4, with some various Android's that have never lasted very long with me, but never a Blackberry. I think that my next phone is going to be a Classic, so I'm interested in seeing how this challenge turns out.

  4. A+++ for BB Passport ant Real Innovation!

  5. I'm at a gridlock on wanting the B.Passport or IPhone 6

  6. If you're running 10.3.1 on the passport, then you've got access to pretty much the entire library of Android apps and they run incredibly well.  There are a few apps that use Google Play that I couldn't get working (the biggest one being "Hailo"), but most of what I've tried has worked extremely well.  

  7. Passport is an unbelievable phone.  Best phone Ive ever used, by far.  The screen is amazing

  8. Your Star Wars Posters are just awesome!

  9. Listening to you talk makes me feel I'm out of breath. LOL.

  10. I'm thinking of getting one of these…

  11. What happen to Aaron Becker

  12. A must have will be the "Snap" app to easily find and install android applications.
    The installation is not available on the blackberry store so you have to install it a different way. Two methods are available I believe.
    For any guide or how to you can look on the crackberry community forum. Once used to their guides you can find and do anything with your amazing blackberry device!

  13. I've found that amazon app store has most of the apps of other phones, or they can be side loaded 🙂 I have an iPhone 5s, but I'm thinking of upgrading to this!  The Q10 was neat, but a bit buggy and lousy battery.  However, I did love the new BB OS.

  14. Salute to Cam for giving BlackBerry a chance with no iPhone-bias like most tech reporting companies.

  15. Sideload Snap, add google account, download all but google services apps. BAM!. Or use Amazon store as best as that is.

  16. You will be ok, You might not be able to let go of the phone altogether after the challenge though. Let us know how stable blend is.

  17. iGrann (Instagram Client), Blaq (Twitter Client), Reddit In Motion. Let me know what you  think!

  18. Download Instagram in the passport

  19. Defo going for the passport

  20. side load one market so you will get most of the android apps

  21. 2:13 Aaron Baker made an appearance!!!

  22. What's the benefit of this video!! Just showing us you face

  23. I don't get it…where is aaron? Who is this guy? What's goin' on?

  24. Hi Bro
    I'm using BB Z10 I find that all apps usually take hell lot of battery. Check using the Facebook app in native application in BB. My BB z10 drains completely in 10 min. I'm confused I want you to check on native Facebook and Twitter apps.

  25. Super tube better than any YouTube app can even preloaded video's to watch with no internet
    Be maps pro self explanatory
    my buses tells you when the next bus is due near you
    Kalem media soft great video player with dnla and music player with equaliser unlike android equalizers actually work on bb10 and not steal sound from bass to add treble and vica versa
    Euronews great for news and video
    gnewsreader self explanatory
    Nobex for podcasts
    candid anonymous social blogging app
    Web splitter for viewing 2 websites at once
    Photofunia photo editing
    mock it great for making memes
    BB10 ROCKS!

  26. -Igrann pro
    -Snap (google store)
    -simple unrar (android )
    -scan to text
    -soundnine (basically soundcloud)

    best of luck those are some apps I recommend. hopefully u will like it.

  27. You can download android apps by putting the APK of the app into your blackberry devise and youre good to go, you can download instagram, snapchat etc.

  28. Just don't get hooked!

  29. And i thought going from android to windows (when my s4 was brutally murdered) was hard… The main issue i feel you will get is media, such as games, video apps and the such, maybe reddit and other more social apps missing on the blackberry. Since i feel the blackberry is very much more business and little to no play, so it is niche specific i feel. I am very curious to see how it works out! 🙂

  30. Good luck Cam. I am using IOS as my main phone because of imessage. I have a unlocked bell S2. Now I am just using a 5C as my daily driver. I use to change phones each day between about three different Galaxies. Now I am content with my iphone for now. I may upgrade and jump to a 64GB iphone 6 when they are more plentiful. Also when a lifeproof case is out for the iphone 6. 

  31. @faggabumm Noah hasn't been on phonedog for prolly 7 years and Aaron left last year I believe and the others have been gone a good 3-4 years at least also.

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