BlackBerry Z10 vs iPhone 5 – Full In-Depth Comparison

A full comparison between the iPhone 5 and the BlackBerry Z10. In this video I look at everything from design to performance. Subscribe for more videos and like our Facebook page. (Link below)

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Readers Comments (49)

  1. in 2017 does blackberry gives whats app in their bb world in india?

  2. camera of bb z10 is way better thn iphone

  3. How'd you get rid of the blackberry logo? If only they would do the same to all their phones they would sell like hotcakes. They just can't stop clinging to their dorky roots though I guess.

  4. i would like to know if we install a android app from 3rd party app site do we get the same notifications as we get for in built apps

  5. i have an android device. so im planning to buy a new phone so im little bit confused of buying an android device or an iphone 5s. i like iphone but the problem is..
    i think that the iphone is going to a peak level that everyone has iphone.. and so considering the standred im think of buying a BlackBerry.
    only one problem i found is the lack of apps.
    i can manage in my android phone.
    i think that blackberry is a better phone..

  6. m using 5s n z10 both.. z10 camera is better than iPhone.. you can check ur settings dude.. n Z10 having NFC..n Amezon store also

  7. m using 5s n z10 both.. z10 camera is better than iPhone.. you can check ur settings dude.. n Z10 having NFC..n Amezon store also

  8. Not a Iphone Lover, had too many probs with them. Rather the Blackberry.

  9. I Like BB Z10, But the phone used OS BB 10, So i can't get much apps in the BBapps 🙁

  10. its blackberrys first touch phone thats why the camera is not that good

  11. con su  actualizacion el blaacberry lo gana

  12. the camera comparison is not right,,,,,,i have seen them both,,,iphone s camera really suck,,,,,,,,,,bb z10 has 100 times better camera than iphone

  13. +Jerry Lee yes, sideload snap

  14. There is a client for instagram on the z10 so don't be hating

  15. Hey Pls compare them with bb 10.3.1 os

  16. I just saw another video where the Z10 didn't keep asking to connect to the internet and seemed to work very well.
    Maybe the difference is just an OS update.

  17. I'll trade my z10 for the iPhone Hmu if interested!!!!

  18. Thank you for giving a clear, concise, technical comparison between these two products. Other reviews that I won't identify gave vague, emotional, highly subjective reviews, which I found useless.

  19. BlackBerry Z10 have whatsapp ?

  20. keep in mind that most iphone 5's operate on ios 7 or ios 8 so they'll be slower than they are in this video

  21. can you compare Z10 and lenovo s850 ?? 🙂

  22. Apple is better than black berry

  23. Apple is best than blackberry

  24. what about the battery of Z10 how long it lasts with a single charging for normal usage?

  25. Thanks for such a nice review of z10 vs i 5. My all doubts r clear now….thanks once again.

  26. this is a also a very good review, when compared to other that I have seen in turns of clarity and quality of video. thanks bro

  27. is there a magic jack apps for Z10

  28. 7 p 25 IP chụp hình tốt hơn

  29. im like iphone5 bicose is bioutifle phone

  30. Blackberry all the way is soo much better

  31. Z10 or z3 which is better

  32. z10 has no apps at all ( calm down, just exaggerated ) – the app world of z10 has much less apps than Apps store or playstore.

  33. I still can't decide /: My heart is on the Z10 though.

  34. > very good review, glad i ran across it

    > couple of things, i would also point out regarding these 2 phones .

    VALUE – the bb z10 can be purchased for the price of a low end phone, UNLOCKED and OFF CONTRACT, currently below $200 usd

    APPS – the latest release of the bb os 10.2.1 provides really good support for running android apps, this narrows the app gap considerably and the next os release will have the amazon app store installed natively to make it even easier

    VOICE activated assistants are all about knowing what commands that they respond to, while bb's looked pretty weak with the commands you tested with, its actually fairly functional for sending email, sms's, launching apps, ….

    CAMERA – on the 5s definetly takes nicer quality pictures, the BB does has have some 'nifty' features including "timeshift" that enables you to shift forward or back in time from the moment that you capture the picture to capture just the right moment, it's also got a native app moviemaker which you can use to compile photos and videos into your own 'movies'

    > and you didn't mention the Hub, +BlackBerry 's priority inbox, for all your incoming messages(voice, text,email,social, …), in a single app, this is the 'heart' of the blackberry experience

    – made a list of even more cool things your "blackberry can do" for anyone thats interested at …

  35. The iphone 5 is so much better

  36. i want to buy a phone between moto g or blackberry 10 which should i buy ? buddy plz tell me

  37. 3:30 – worst fuck ever?!?!

  38. plsss advise mee fr blackberry z10 vs iphone 5

  39. Hi thanks for an amazing video Majid. Do you know if bb world offers whatsapp ?

  40. hey you need to make the same comparison now with the new blackberry 10.2.1 and you will see the z10 is a way better!!

  41. why does everyone fail to mention that the bbz10 supports android apps too…. that beats the iphone right out

  42. which is better phone.blackberry z10 stl100-2 vs motoorola x
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