DURAGADGET Gear4 StreetParty 3 UK Docking Station / Speaker Audio Adapter Apple iPhone 6 Lightning to iPhone 4 30 Pin Audio Adapter for Use with Apple iPhone 6 + BONUS Cleaning Cloth!

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Introducing DURAGADGET’s brand new, premium quality audio adapter for an Apple iPhone 6 Lightning to iPhone 4 30 Pin connection, finished in classic white.

This compact and lightweight adapter is the perfect accessory whilst at home or travelling when you need to connect your new iPhone to an older generation speaker or docking station without adding any unnecessary bulk or unsightly cables!

Use this handy little adapter when charging / syncing data to your iPhone from your computer or charging it with your older iPhone 4 30 Pin Cable.

The universal 3.5 mm audio jack is custom made for the perfect fit for your iPhone, with uncompromised audio quality there’s no longer a need to worry about loss of sound when playing your music! It integrates seamlessly with your speaker, docking station or car stereo so you can keep using your audio devices with your brand new iPhone.

Compatible with: Apple iPhone 6

Please note: Any other cables or devices shown in our images are for display only and are not included in this purchase for 1 x Apple iPhone 6 Lightning to iPhone 4 30 Pin Adapter ONLYDURAGADGET’s handy adapter helps you to connect your older generation docking station or speakers to your new Apple iPhone 6
Compact and sleek design makes this device perfect for travel – doesn’t add unnecessary bulk
Universal 3.5 mm audio jack is custom made to perfectly fit your iPhone 6
Premium audio jack connection means no loss of sound quality, simply connect to your speaker and play your music!
Finished in classic white, designed to integrate seamlessly with your other Apple accessories

Discounted Price – $17.49 - $8.99

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