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  1. that first android phone is better looking than the first shit iphone

  2. that first android phone is cool

  3. when he said try one day I tried one second and I quit and went back to my pixel xl (╥﹏╥)

  4. Idk but I'm paying top dollar for that g1 in that color.

  5. It felt like he was comparing the G1 to the iPhone 7 😂

  6. I jut hate it but it is kind of fun

  7. I pre-order this phone and still my top fav phone for the time

  8. "EverythingApplePro"

  9. Here's a challenge: use the first Android for one week.
    Like if you agree.

  10. Lol. I thought everything in the Google Pixel was rounded icons but not XD… ASPHALT 8 I knew it. Squared Icons aren't even rounded even the main phone can't round that icon. And Also, I like that special feature in Galaxy S when you swipe to use the keyboard. IT WAS THE FIRST PHONE TO HAVE THAT!

  11. I LOVE these comparisons!! It kind of fun, when the phone is older than me😂(⁎⚈᷀᷁ᴗ⚈᷀᷁⁎)

  12. Why can't modern phones have a slideout keyboard?
    Why can't modern phones have a trackball?

  13. Can anyone else notice Nokia 3310 behind htc.

  14. my v10 broke.. used my old gingerbread 4inch phone.. 1 day later bought xiaomi mi max

  15. Love how there's an Android Wear category in the store cause the Play Store has just been updates since the beginning, no starting from scratch.

  16. @ 0.46 google cum lol!

  17. But Google Pixel isn't the newest android phone. The Samsung S8. Not including ones that aren't out yet like the iPhone 8.

  18. I still have my G1, my touch 3g, Nexus 4, and I'm currently using a Nexus 6p.

  19. l was bron in 8 years ago

  20. Android is born the same year Obama is elected.

    Android takes quite a hit 2016 (Samsung n 7), when Obama is no longer president.


  21. You are the best YouTuber ever! ❤️

  22. my mom used to have this phone and she gave it to me and I tried using it for a day.

    I smashed it with a hammer

  23. I wonder how the HTC dream would handle the ppsspp emulator running gta LCS or VCS.

  24. I had a phone with android 2!!! And I used it for like 1 year… Wow. It was really crap and it was in 2015 LOL

  25. I can't believe that I still have it it's inside a fancy box In my house right now I have the galaxy s7

  26. i have a 6 years old htc Wildfire S so not so new 😀

  27. Very very T H I C C phone

  28. Omg my first phone was a pink Palm Centro and then a Blackberry. My first smartphone was the HTC Hero (what a buggy piece of crap) and then the HTC EVO (one of my favorite phones ever). After Evo it was iPhone 4S and every iPhone after that.

  29. Am i the only one here that actually did the one day with the older phone challenge?

  30. I owned the G1, and now have the Nexus 5X. Android strong for 8 years 😀

  31. Everythingapplepro can you do the first Samsung galaxy s series phone fa Samsung Galaxy s8

  32. lol iphone 1 is better and faster than that little android fuck

  33. Awww good times. I remember having the g1 and a massive extended battery plus rooted Roms making this phone sooo cool haha. The keyboard is so useful too.

  34. uhm… Mr. EverythingApplePro, u did not notice that you're HACKED BY OURMINE!!!



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