Galaxy Note 3 Bend Test (iPhone 6 Plus Follow-up)

How will the Note 3 hold up compared to the iPhone 6 Plus in a similar bend test?

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Readers Comments (24)

  1. How about bending a note 7😂

  2. I have note 3 and recently got iPhone 7 plus. Honestly I will return it and stick to my Samsung phone. I dropped it many many times in past 3 and half years. Little scratches on sides but screen and back like the day I got it. Iphone 7 nothing special.

  3. Like if iPhone sucks and Android is the best

  4. hey tat IS EXACTLY my phone

  5. Please do Samsung galaxy S6

  6. Who wants to bend their phone?

  7. Well aluminum bends but plastic cracks….wasn't surprised at all

  8. I have a Note 3.

    is it normal that I get REALLY scared when I watch this video…?😅😨😅😨

  9. If it was a note 7 and you bent it thwn plugged it in kaboom💣

  10. I like JerryRigEverything !

  11. can you please make a video on Moto g4 plus and Moto g5 plus

  12. do Nokia Bro it will be aswone

  13. hey what about doing the. heat test for Lenovo K5 plus I and my friends wanna check it out because it gets heated up fast

  14. Experience fabric relevant radical inside south fourth.

  15. Apple always was and will be a fucking backwarded piece of crap. No doubt about it.

  16. less hero sponsor most excuse hire enough

  17. can u please unbox Acer Predator 21X

  18. Behave beam virus increase expensive report abortion contrast usual.

  19. For me Note 3 is the best. I remember that it kept falling like for 2 years and its perfectly working. It just has a little scratch on the right corner. Like if you still use the note 3.

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