Galaxy S8 vs iPhone 7: Full Comparison!

Samsung Galaxy S8 vs Apple iPhone 7- Full comparison of camera, specs, hardware, features, and more! In this Galaxy S8 vs iPhone 7 video review, we’ll compare the S8 or S8+ to the iPhone 7 / Plus to see which top 2017 smartphone is better. ▶dbrand skins –

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  1. Always been a Apple nerd my whole life but here that Samsung is better….. is it worth the switch?!

  2. Love to see all the samsung love. The samsung will always be the best I think I phones were ment for old 70 year old that doesn't know how to work smarter phones.

  3. S8 plus for the win!!!!

  4. S8 hands down! I've got the S8+ also in jet black

  5. am thinking s8 or 7 so hard they are so good both but i love and hate android and ios are so fast and simple but i want something diffrent but am scare to give 600$ for a phone like s8 because one drop and am fucked………………………..

  6. I really don't hate apple but obviously for the price I would​ absolutely buy the s8 over the iPhone 7 because you are basically getting tons of more features that you can customize and modify because it's android.The only reason that would make me buy an iPhone that if it's running Android which is certainly not going to happen so rest in peace apple.all other smartphone companies are stepping ahead while apple is using the same design since iPhone 6.

  7. S8 vs iphone 8 when iphone 8 come. They have similar features, Cant compare with iphone 7.

  8. Those pics were in Tempe, AZ go Devils!!😈

  9. is that give away i hope

  10. I'm starting a Whatsapp group about new smartphones, leaks, and everything Samsung/Apple… Leave your number if you wanna join in

  11. i use iphone 7. but s8 looks good too

  12. I prefer the iPhone 7 everywhere except display and front facing camera.

  13. S7 edge is the winner lol S8 will compete with iphone 15

  14. Been buying apple for over 6 years now. Started from iphone 4s. But this S8 is really turning me on.

  15. S8 definitely better. Though some people still prefer the iPhone cuz of personal preference, and cuz they simply just love apple products more.

  16. I love 📱s but Siri has NOTHING on GOOGLE!

  17. s8 is better but ima be a hypebeast and just get the iphone 7

  18. Really good review, doesn't even show bias

  19. Guessing I'm the only one who loves both

  20. Only iPhones with iOS give me a premium feel. All other Android brands feels like cheap chinese stuff. Brands like Samsung, Sony, HTC come with a new phone with huge marketing, after few days price falls as hell. iPhone's price has the stability. Even selling it after few years doesn't hurt. iOS apps are so professional, so amazing! Also every great app launches on iOS first. Even there are many great apps never came to Android. Vagabonds will come and go but iPhone will be the king of smartphones always, no doubt.

  21. well duh, galaxy s8 is better than iphone 7

  22. why on earth didn't you mention the fast charge feature on the S8???
    It takes no time to fully charge, whereas iPhone takes forever.
    worth mentioning my friend.

  23. I bought the s8+ great phone, for those who are on the fence the fingerprint scanner is easy to get used to because you fingers are already behind your phone, and the speakers are very high quality. the only thing I dont like is you cannot re-map the bixby button, but bixby is pretty useful in keeping up with the news, weather, ext

  24. It's the s8, there's no competition

  25. I. Want. But FaceTime and iMessage. And all the apps I've purchased. That's my holdup.

  26. iphone 7 is the best!

  27. apple making jack of people's so they ditched it

  28. The s8 is definitely the winner but speaking long term use it starts go get laggy and stops getting updates in a year, but the screen is very beautiful and the iphone just lasts longer and it keeps getting updates until the hardware cant handle the new updates. If you want a long term phone go for iphone but if you want to get a new phone every year go for the s8, for me i would personally get the 7

  29. t the i phone 7 is a year older than the s8 right ofc the s8 would be better for now until apples new release

  30. Samsung Galaxy S8 is the best 😍😍😍

  31. honestly, I prefer the IPhone, but I mean the S8 is great too.

  32. yeah.. Android is best..
    iphone sucks.. no good features..single sim n no bttry backup

  33. Bro gift me both phones ..😇😇

  34. A little help please… Confused whether to buy the Samsung Galaxy S8 or the iPhone 7… Or Should I wait for pixel 2??

  35. Why did Apple ditch the headphone jack? Apple: Courage. Me: Stupid.

  36. I really want to like The s8 most but The iphone7 jetblack is to cool

  37. I always thought iPhones where ghetto and turns out they really are 😄😄😄

  38. I just hate how long the galaxy s8 is but I've gotten used to it

  39. What rate of FPS do you record this video ?
    I see blink on Samsung display …

  40. How many times you use the finger print sensor a day ? So how many times the s8 will annoy you?

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