Google Pixel XL vs Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge vs iPhone 7 Plus – Gaming Comparison!

Asphalt Xtreme gaming comparison with New Pixel XL – Which is Better?
Husband wont let you have Pixel XL? S7 Edge is cheaper on Amazon! US:

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Readers Comments (36)

  1. so which device has better gaming graphic performance?

  2. Dang, Android's playing real rough with iOS in the gaming category.

  3. The IPhone just feels right. The other two devices push too many pixels and are more for people who do crazy stuff on their phones. The iPhone seems perfect to me. It does everything it does better than everyone else. I have an S6 Edge. I'm heading back to the iPhone soon. Been a fan again since iPhone 6 with the new design.

  4. iphone 7 shitty resolution

  5. Pixel is 1 hell of a phone!

  6. iPhone is real crap. Looks worse than others.

  7. The graphic winner is absolutelly iPhone 7 Plus!!

  8. how is this game compatible on iphone 4s

  9. Dislike por su acento de mierda!!!

  10. I guess the honor 8. Vs pixel isn't coming??

  11. gaming on s7 edge is best as the display kills both i7 and pixel

  12. game launch speed is ridiculously fast on iOS.

  13. my z3 sounds better than all of them

  14. Can you please test this game on Oneplus 3 and compare it to other Android phones since there are a lot of users complaining about humongous loading times and lag on the Oneplus, including me… I would be much appreciated

  15. por el amor a mi mafre

  16. post a video about android n on galaxy s7

  17. Excuse me, can you answer this question? I never bought anything from the one plus website and is it a scam? Please reply!

  18. No need Sony here…we knew already that Sony' gonna win

  19. comon man you have to more videos per day

  20. do a speed test between p9 plus vs s7 edge vs pixel xl

  21. even through this video the s7 edge screen looks so incredible

  22. which overhead camera u are using please tell me

  23. When showing gaming comparison , you should record in 60 fps instead , so we can see if the game on the phone runs in 60 fps or not.

  24. subscribe me and I will subscribe you back

  25. Fucking s7 edge, so beatiful! :))

  26. Samsung needs to improve Audio quality to make the phone outstanding.

  27. S7 Edge is My favourite

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