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  1. it works, thanks a lot, I was going to erase all data, thanks a lot

  2. thanks it's working in my iPhone 5c 😘😘😘

  3. Best helpful video I ever found it worked right away thank you thank you thank you 😊

  4. Thanks! it is so helpful.. god bless u!

  5. thanks man , its working

  6. Thanks a lot. Just restored my mobile hotspot.

  7. Kosovar to koke qe e paske vala😂

  8. thanks its work 🙂

  9. Wow it works well for me thank you

  10. How do I contact carrier…

  11. i went into my cellular data the option isnt there for me :/ thanks though

  12. thanku soo much sir it is soo useful for me tnx

  13. Dude there is no callular data network, what to do !!

  14. I don't have cellular network

  15. thanks very much
    after a month my personal hotspot is gone
    now it return back coz of this video
    thanks very much

  16. you are great you have fixed my problem thanks a lot

  17. VALA a 😄😄😄

  18. It's working!👏🏼


  20. thnxx alot.. i hav no words for u …thx once again

  21. Hey! Thanks for sharing a easy & wonderful help.

  22. I need help can anyone tell me the steps from the comments plz

  23. Very good trick. Thank u very much

  24. thank you very much brother!! i was about to change my 6 plus because of not showing personal hotspot. now its showing thank you very much. screw you un likers

  25. amazing, it worked foe 1phone 4s

  26. thank you worked for my 6s…

  27. Thank you very much, Tried everything even reset my phone, was about to sell off the phone before i saw this video.
    thanks a million.

  28. Very helpful! Thank you

  29. you are a life saver! thank you…
    I've been going crazy with this problem.. thank you sooo much..

    to a guys who ask:
    "the space after "apn" in my phone is blank… how am i supposed to solve it now?? can you help me bro??"

    don't add anything on "apn" just username and password, after that just do as the instruction above

  30. Absolutely brilliant mate good day to you sir

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