Huawei Mate 8 test: Will the iPhone 6S Plus be beaten by a Chinese rival 2/3 its price?

Huawei has released its new flagship phone in the form of the Mate 8 – and it comes with a 6-inch full HD screen and a fingerprint sensor on the back much like the Mate S.

But how will it stack up against one of the most popular market leading phablets – the iPhone 6S Plus? We pit them against each other in terms of battery, speed and camera.

Is it worth shelling out extra for the iPhone 6S Plus or can the Huawei give you everything you need?

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  1. where did you get that phone stand i want that phone stand gimme link :3

  2. This was super interesting to watch, thank youuu! I have Mate 8 for quite some time now, and before it i had a Huawei Ascend Mate for YEARS. I've become such a fan of Huawei, and Mate 8 did NOT disappoint – this phone is an effin' BEAST. Like, seriously, it's such an amazing device – especially in terms of price, productivity, quality and its monster of a battery.

  3. mate just took some time to boot that is way it was late

  4. this battey compare is bulshit.huawe mate 8 has 4000 mh.i phone 6s plus has 2750 mh.

  5. The camera review clearly needs someone that can better interpret the results. High contrast doesnt mean the pictures are better. In fact it can obscure quite low dynamic range of the iphone hardware and just make the picture pleasing to look at. The mate produces finer detail on most shots with less noise but also a bit more aggressive post processing

  6. huawei mate is the best.

  7. A few generations later iPhone will become the next Nokia if they don't get a major break through.

  8. i want to buy both phones 😂❤️

  9. Bye bye iphone. Im going to sell you !

  10. between mate 8 and one plus 3..which one should i get…would you please make the difference between them.

  11. huawei mate 8 is nice

  12. apple is dead.
    like Nokia…..

  13. i find it funny that iphone camera is just very slightly better than mate 8 camera. in reality, mate 8 cam is far from the best cameraphones today XD i think it only means that the ridiculously expensive phone from apple really have a mediocre camera afterall hahahaha

  14. Good review, but the price difference says it all. How can this Iphone be a serious comparable. It is hugely more expensive, Apples ISO is incompatible with some applications and most apps are copyrighted and chargeable. Google Android being more versatile and without the price control of the over priced iphone. Even just the battery life and the massive price difference make the obvious winner the Huawei mate 8.

  15. I have the Mate 8 and Nova Launcher is a must, lol

  16. can we have mate 8 vs note7
    battery speed camera test

  17. Help me out! I want to buy a new phone, but I can't choose between the Huawei P9+ or Ascend Mate 8. I'm ust a student who uses its Phone om a daily bases.

  18. I have mate8 now for 2 month and i feel bad that i never got this phone earlier! I feel bad bcz i had a Samsung and iPhone not a Huawei before!

  19. Huawei mate 8 is good but i dont like its mega Size. They should have tone it down a little

  20. android is better than ios for me

  21. I have both phones , in the beginning I was very happy with Huawei and its battery but after usage I find out that is some games like skyforce there is lag and frames drop at heavy battle also the keyboard is not that good and the camera is decent but overall it's good phone but not to be compared to the iPhone ( at least till now )

  22. Mate 8 capable to record 4K video?

  23. mate 8 best phone I buy it about 6 days best batery with long time in addition to the responsibility is good I like it : )

  24. can anybody add a go buy link for the mate 8 ?

  25. Fookin hell for fuck same the Huawei is better…

  26. Huawei is better than Sony z5, Nexus 6p and Samsung s7 in specifications

  27. I think both are good

  28. so… what cellphone is the best option to buy? today i´m going to change my cellphone right now i have an iphone 5c but i don´t know what´s the best iphone 6s plus or hwawei mate 8 🙁 help me to do the best option

  29. does the huawei mate 8 get 4g LTE in the USA? Was thinking about getting one

  30. i really want the mate 8 but it isn't available in the US 🙁 I may be choosing the 6p I guess.

  31. not really huawei picture quality is bad

  32. I'd take the Mate 8.

  33. I have a Android and barely reboot my phone, there is no need for it.

  34. i like android more because you could personalize your phone however you want . you could put every ringtone you want in a second you can change the theme of the phone , you could change the launcher , the locker and many more. Speed boot test s irelevant. I have at home a nokia 3310 who could embarrass an Iphone at boot speed test

  35. Nothing can beat the apple product

  36. why chinese rival??iPhone made in China no?

  37. I like huawei phones more than samsung and apple

  38. Whats the phones battery running on? A nuclear reactor?

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