Huawei P9 vs iPhone 6S – Speed Test! (4K)

Huawei P9 vs iPhone 6S Speed Test Comparison.

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Readers Comments (32)

  1. do a speed test with iphone 6s and huwaei p10 please😊😊

  2. Huawei P9 not is fastest, but I like it. Will to buy P9

  3. comparing iphones vs android phones is like comparing messi vs c.ronaldo … uncomoarable

  4. Used both. P9 sucks big time

  5. he pressed the i phone 6s first

  6. Why didn't you put it against the P9 plus?

  7. now i know why apple takes long for its next flagship

  8. P9 is new smartphone champ in terms of speed.

  9. such a biased video. the p9 performed equally. Give us proper review, don't get tangled up with the brands.

  10. You known it makes different with using two different hand, you may should try the other way

  11. I love them both but it seems 6s wins this time. But when it comes on camera and other features ill go for p9 and ill go for 6s for software.

  12. you have to compare P9 with 4GB of RAM and not that with the 3GB…

  13. Actually the iPhone was about to reload the first 2 apps but you exited and didn't let it lol.(typing this from an iPhone 6S Plus )

  14. Lol android is just a rubbish with qhd screen. What a shame

  15. bro from which website you download gta san andreas

  16. make p9 vs galaxy a8 camera test!

  17. you were hitting the iPhone button first any dummy can see it your iPhone loser go to Galaxy S7 Edge the best phone out

  18. I would love it if you do a speed test between the iPhone 6s and your recently updated Galaxy Note 5 that you compared to the Huawei P9.

  19. do a benchmark test
    P9/G5/7edge/Note5/iphone 6s

  20. This wasnt good.
    You wasnt doing things at the same time.
    Sometime you were pressing the P9 1st and sometimes the Iphone 6s.
    It wasnt a proper speed test.
    The results are not conclusive.

  21. I don't like your videos, because I hate when you hide your phone to put he password like nobody cares about your password. Just don't do It. It's annoying

  22. People really have no idea how to test the iPhone's multitasking. You have to wait longer! You saw mostly static screenshots. Wait until the app unfreezes itself and something moves, or try interacting with the screen (scrolling, clicking buttons), only then you can tell there's no refresh.

  23. are from Pakistan? and where are you stay now?

  24. can u make a vid p8 vs a5 2016??

  25. 4st comment 1st dislike

  26. notification guys, where u at?

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