iOS 9.2 – iPhone 6S vs iPhone 5S Speed Test! + Which is faster?

iOS 9.2 Official on Both iPhone 6S and iPhone 5S speed test to see if a 2 year old device is really that slow. The results may surprise you!

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  1. the iphone 6s is plus? o 4.7""?

  2. Wow, the differences are just seconds. I was thinking on change my iPhone 5s to 6 but i see that there's not a big change.

  3. these videos have no purpose when you're running new hardware vs old

  4. incredible..better CPU..double the RAM…and it's what..half a second or two faster? annoys me…Apple have good kit, but they seem to think all consumers are total mugs =/

  5. What is that white circle thing on the screen?

  6. yeaaah apple got their game right up! 0.5 second boost 3 years. I'm buying the s5.

  7. that a iPhone 6s plus

  8. +Muzaffar Moorad Please tell how to use that touch assisant as home button?

  9. Not fair fight. Fight 5s on ios 7.1 vs 6s ios9. Fair fight. Because new ios make older phone more slow

  10. What is this you klick 5 – 6 per

  11. iPhone 6s plus in the test is written and not iphone 6s

  12. UPDATE* iOS 9.3 Beta 2 – iPhone 6s vs iPhone 5s Speed Test!

  13. i just wish iphone 6s is shaped like the 5s

  14. How much time Iphone 5s battery lasts on a moderate usage: ( 1 hr call, Whatsapp, listening music for 3 hrs, moderate internet surfing and taking some pictures) it is for my day to day usage. I leave my home at 8AM and return to home again 7 PM… should i consider buying 5s? Or should i got to Lenovo Vibe P1 or Lenovo K4 note? Music Quality should be good. Please help me. What should i buy?

  15. thank you for your test

  16. I bought my 5s about five months ago. It's an amazing phone, and I don't see any other reason why people would replace it other than screen size (if they want it, which I don't. I chose 5s because of its size).

  17. Watching this on my gold iPhone 5s. I'm waiting for the 7 to come out 👍

  18. Is this really the iPhone 6s ? I looks huge, maybe its the 6s Plus ?

  19. Should i upgrade my 5s on ios 8.4.1 to 9.2 final release

  20. Boot up time in the 6s is so fast

  21. Why you compare two different phone this doesn't make any sense…

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