iPhone 5: Tips and Tricks (HD)

iPhone 5 tips and tricks that will help you better use your new device. Let me know what you think in the comments below!

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Readers Comments (37)

  1. So quick and to the pointโ€ฆ killer review!

  2. Thanks!ย  Keep up the great work.

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  4. Like it fast efficient and to the point. Great job

  5. Like it fast efficient and to the point. Great job

  6. Very helpfull! But next go slower lol

  7. What does the carrier say? I saw AT&T and somethin else

  8. I already knew all this

  9. Old? It came out with iOS 6.

  10. Do not disturb is old

  11. Emoji is on all apple touch devices even iPod first jen

  12. It has the same features then iPhone 4 I have it all in my phone jst a way to sell new phones lol

  13. Tremendous!
    THis is my birthday, how did i miss this!
    Thank you so much, I learned more in these few minutes then in the past year I've had the phone!

  14. I Love This Video Thank You So Much!!! This Was Super Helpful =)

  15. iPhone tip: trash your iPhone and get a phone with a better OS

  16. BTW not all of them are only for iphone 5

  17. Yeah it does, but maybe not the button. You just have to two finger slide up and it will work

  18. Thanks for accepting my video response!

  19. You actually can't do that building thing on the iPhone 5 it doesn't have the building 3D option

  20. Nice video but what the map thing called I didn't understand what you said ..

  21. the maps one helped, thank you

  22. thanks for the tip useful

  23. Wow you totally missed the point of my comment. Like in my case, the last iPhone I had before the 5 was the 3gs. So new owners to anything after that, would want to know about the features mentioned in the video. So no, nothing I said was invalid, it was right on point.

  24. both of your arguments are invalid, some people are not iphone freaks like me, i know all these features but can't use most of them because of iPhone 4. plus all of these features are on both ip5 and 4s, so invalid arguments

  25. You sit just got a new subscriber

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