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  1. Great video! Never heard of these apps. Def about to download

  2. thank you for sharing

  3. Great job on this film! I do have a question for you.. With Efexio, what's the difference between buying the regular or pro version of animations?
    Also tell the girl great acting!👍

  4. What you think about my Videos? Subscribes thanks

  5. Ffs out of all the clips you could have used to edit 😩

  6. Awesome man. I didn't know about being able to drag it like that. That's great.

  7. I'm new on YouTube. Sub me and I will sub anyone who subs me and likes this comment.

  8. Entire film is shot on iPhone…

  9. How do you get the black border on iMovie or on Final Cut Pro

  10. Thanks to you now I'm able to create good content with a cinematic look on my channel only using my iPhone 7.

  11. plz d the same tutorial with an android!!!

  12. Wow great vid… have you noticed cinematic stabilization is nowhere what it used to be in the past few months?! My iPhone shoots like almost any other video camera now and Apple hasn't said anything about it. Thanks for the Movie Looks tip… super good.

  13. android apps for film making like u r using apps

  14. That was amazing i am gong to try all of those next week

  15. Thanks this will help my channel a lot !

  16. were did you download this application?? .. pls answer me…?!

  17. What aspect ratio did you use for the letter box?

  18. iphone 6 plus or iphone se

  19. thumbs up very cool and creative <3

  20. How can I add the cinematic black bars while editing???

  21. Excellent video! Thanks for making it. 🙂

  22. This broad's chin, though! That's not distracting anyone else? LOL. Shit reminds me of "Me, Myself & Irene." "Daddy got an ass on his face." LOL

  23. You saved my life, awesome video

  24. did you go for school for this? if so what is your major

  25. was this shot with a iphone?

  26. Record these movies in 60fps or 4K.

  27. That looks like fucking delorius from west-world WTFF

  28. thank you for your tips! I'm getting a 6s and want to create a channel around films only shot on phones!

  29. Great video you the best helps me alot, can you make one about how put the sound on the back like how found the music to put in the film plz. Man

  30. Huge Like #8609!!! Great numbers!!! We sub!!!
    Steve and Sasha

  31. do you use density filter on this? i believe that its too bright in the setting..

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