iPhone 6 Plus Vs Galaxy Note 4 ( Performance Test )

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Vs Apple iPhone 6 Plus

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Readers Comments (18)

  1. You interpreted the results wrong… The results mean that the iPhone performs better on poorly optimized software than the note while the note will perform better on well optimized software. That's the simple explanation. The higher multicore performance of the note DOES mean that the note is faster overall for well optimized software. I would expect the note to multi task better.

  2. Samsung note 4 is better.

  3. Great explaination man!

  4. Talk all the shit you want but the Note 4 is pushing 515 pixels per inch at 2K resolution while the iPhone 6 plus is barely pushing a measly 401 PPI at 1080p resolution. That's barely 400 PPI at last years resolution. Both phones were released at nearly the same time so if I made a phone with next gen hardware and gave it way less pixels to push then it would always outperform a phone with over twice the resolution also running next gen hardware…so the note is doing a lot more with its hardware. Where the iPhone is pushing an outdated screen resolution. Let's not mention the horribly outdated screen resolution of the iPhone 6 at way less than Full HD like slightly bigger than 720p an outdated 2012 format now included in most budget phones (ie…boost…cricket…etc). So if I had state of the art flight computers powering say a Boeing 747 air frame it would be pushing the hardware to the limit…but now put it in the air frame of a Cessna it will have plenty of power to spare. So the benchmark shows that the iPhone's processor has no problem handling outdated hardware!

  5. It literally says iPhone model: 7.1

  6. People lets be honest the note 4 has better on paper specs while the me too iPhone seems more of a power house ….who cares it's so funny to see people fight over a cellphone shit a s4 and i5 are just as good it is and always about what u like no more or no less again it's a phone there is more important things in life !!!!

  7. Lol this Apple fanboy…bad at reviewing phones and also used a demo unit to compare.

  8. Brah… just tell them that Samsung running on 32bit and iPhone is running on 64bit… easy… don't tell them a story about it… -.-
    Still… iPhone 6 is a good phone… but Note 4 is not bad as you guys think… im using both of them…

  9. Some friendly advice for your consideration: If you want to be taken seriously as an impartial professional, don't wreck it by calling any of the items being reviewed as a "toy". Especially st the start of the video where people will be more inclined to hit the stop button and look elsewhere.

  10. iPhone is better steeling technology that's right they got sue from the pages company for 24 million dollar   

  11. People really need to stop bickering about which phone is better than the other. It's a phone, people. Not your dick. You don't have to take so much pride in the phone you use

  12. What a noob vid. Lol day to day and functionality note 4 blows the 6 and 6 plus away

  13. This fool is using a note 4 with demo software against his iPhone. Isheep is afraid of a fair fight. Watch the phone buff speed test for a real fair test.

  14. lower single core speed to save battery power. same concept as the intel processor i5 and i7

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