IPhone 6 Plus vs HTC One M9: Hands-on comparison

We compare the HTC One M9 with the Apple iPhone 6 Plus, two flagships clocking Full HD resolution, but right there is about where the similarities end.

The HTC One M9 packs an octa-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 processor with 3GB RAM and a very handsome all-metal two tone body.

Check out our in depth hands-on and check back in a couple of weeks for our full review of HTC’s finest.

Readers Comments (11)

  1. Super efficient review. Thank you for speaking fast and getting right to it. I'll use your reviews from now on for that reason alone!

  2. Is it just me or does the 6+ have a very very blue tinted screen? Noticed this in other videos too not just this one

  3. In comparisons, the phones should have the SAME background image. The one on the iPhone looks horrible.

  4. Slow the fuck down your speaking at a million miles and hours I don't understand anything JESUS Christ Thai video sucks

  5. Where did you get the marvel wallpaper?

  6. Personally… I don't care about the camera. As long as its somewhat clear I'm fine. But overall, nice video Btekt.

  7. Hahaha fans boy of apple all nort american is so

  8. A better fare comparison is comparing the M9/S6 with the iPhone6 and not the iPhone6+. The 6+ should only be compared to the Samsung Galaxy Note class of phones. We all already know the M9 and more so the S6 crush the iPhone 6 (not the 6+) in all specs and benchmark test. 

  9. Which case do you use on the iphone 6 plus ?

  10. You're comparing the iPhone 6 plus which is a tablet phone to the m9 which is a phone. Compare the m9 to the iPhone 6

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