iPhone 6 vs HTC One M8 – 1080p Camera / Audio Test

MY BAD : the iPhone 6 DOES have autofocus, but it deactivates for the entire video if you touch the screen once… my fault.

This is just the video capture comparison, still photo tests will follow in a later video 🙂

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Readers Comments (28)

  1. Every time I look at myself in the camera everything is fine but then when i take a picture the photo quality is poor and it kind of distorts my face slightly. Can someone please explain?!?

  2. iphone 6 win in camera but no sound :/

  3. M8 camera best and mic is best to
    I know if iphone 6 having a natural colours but i doesnt mean if the camera is better

  4. I actually prefer the M8s colour

  5. I say it's a tie… The iPhone 6 provides videos with more natural colors but the htc gives a higher saturation. The iPhone 6 gives a higher frame rate (its capable of 60 fps) but the htc has a wider view which makes the video look almost as smooth. Although the htc gives higher sharpness, the iPhone's software was updated to focus a lot better

  6. I don't understand why I can't upload (or watch) 1080 from my iPhone 6.  On youtube I only have 720.

  7. iPhone is better by far, over saturated on the htc

  8. why HTC dont put the OIS on the M8..?? WHYY HTC?!! WHYYY?!!!

  9. I'm a fan of the iPhone but in this video, HTC wins. Sadly

  10. both camera is  good ,but HTC m8 is better than iphone 6 mobile 

  11. Wow, I can't believe that!! I have been debating which phone I was going to get. I was leaning towards the iPhone because I thought the camera was better but now I think I am definitely going with the HTC one M8!! Go HTC!!

  12. unrealistic color doesn't mean better. Natural is better. I'd rather have what looks REAL. Although, the stereo mic should be a MUST on an iPhone. I have no idea what Apple is thinking by not giving a stereo mic

  13. HTC One M8 win on :
    1. Color
    2. Bitrate
    3. AudioRecord

    iPhone6 win on :
    1. It's iPhone, that's all

  14. fake video mother fucker iphone 6 camera awesome much much batter than htc m8

  15. even with the 4 ultra pixel camera ,the video look sharper and the colors are nicer

  16. Amazing how well the the HTC performs using their 4 ultra pixel camera. I really expected the Iphone to perform much better, and the stereo sound is better on the HTC compared to mono sound from the iphone. I'm pretty damn impressed

  17. The less wider lens on the iPhone is really annoying when compared to the m8. Makes a big difference. Sound is mono on iPhone 6 compared to stereo on m8 so no point in arguing that.
    Both have no OIS which is a shame. Overall winner would be HTC m8. The wider lens just looks so good when it captures more of the picture

  18. Love these compassion videos

  19. I'm the biggest iPhone fan, however the HTC One M8 camera and audio is miles better

  20. Sound is superior of the htc8 and overall image the htc8 is better. Much sharper. Colours are a litte better with the 6. Apple lost the advantage they had. They still ask the high prices. You pay a lot more for less quality. You must be blind and deaf to go for the Iphone 6.

  21. Wow. The sound is awful on the iPhone. More natural colours though, and slightly more stable picture, but the M8 wins for me on quality and sound.

  22. The image quality on the m8s display is much richer and sharper… While in comparison the iPhone 6 looks duller but solid.

  23. Apple just gives better features little by little, trying to exploit as much as it can out of loyal customers who'd buy anything from them because of the hype. Their marketing strategies are phenomenal: € 1,000 for phones that will be used at 5% of their capacity, just to take selfies and text on WhatsApp.

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