iPhone 6S Plus Screen Protector (Apple iPhone 6 Plus 5.5″), Skinomi MatteSkin Full Coverage Screen Protector for Apple iPhone 6S Plus Anti-Glare and Bubble-Free Shield

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Anti-Glare Technology

The Skinomi® MatteSkin Screen Protector is a new line of screen protectors developed to enhance the visibility of your mobile device in bright environments. The protector features a smooth, satin anti-glare infused finish specifically engineered to disperse harsh sunlight to significantly reduce glare. Whether you’re in the field or spending the day at the park, the Skinomi® MatteSkin protector will allow you to use your device without squinting or desperately looking for shade.

Complete Protection

Plastic screen protectors are a temporary solution for preventing damage to your device. However, with the Skinomi® MatteSkin iPhone 6S Plus 5.5″ Screen Protector (Apple iPhone 6 Plus), you get a flexible, yet tough long-lasting protector that is resistant against scratches, UV light and fingerprints. Equipped with the same “self-healing” technology found in the original Skinomi® TechSkin, the protector features the latest in elastic polymerization technology that allow fine scratches, scuffs, and marks to disappear over time. Custom-designed and laser-fit for maximum screen coverage, the Skinomi® MatteSkin Screen Protector provides a unique layer of protective coating made to give your device a smooth, lasting finish.

Lifetime Warranty Promise

As with all Skinomi® products, we’re so confident that you’ll love the Skinomi® MatteSkin Protector that every screen protector and full body skin protector is covered with a 100% Risk-Free Lifetime Replacement Warranty. If the Skinomi® MatteSkin wears off, gets scratched, or damaged in any way, we’ll replace it. That simple!

  • Skinomi® MatteSkin Screen Protector for iPhone 6S Plus 5.5″ (Apple iPhone 6 Plus)
  • The Skinomi® MatteSkin anti-glare iPhone 6S Plus 5.5″ screen protector is specifically designed to provide complete screen coverage; Material flexibility allows total coverage even on curved devices
    Matte/Anti-glare infused material formulated to significantly reduce glare and improve visibility in bright environments; Provides a smooth, satin texture that gives your device a high-quality look and feel
    Self-Healing, flexible and tough, military-grade elastic polymer material ensures that your device is protected at all times; The MatteSkin is resistant against scratches, punctures, UV light, smudges and fingerprints
    Easy, error-proof and bubble-free installation; Liquid solution allows adjustments during installation and bubbles will disappear as protector sets on device
    MatteSkin Screen Protector for iPhone 6S Plus 5.5″ (Apple iPhone 6 Plus) is made in the USA and comes with the Skinomi Lifetime Replacement Warranty from Manufacturer

    Discounted Price – $11.95 - $6.95

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