iPhone 6s Plus vs iPhone 6 Plus Camera Comparison!

Is the camera alone worth an upgrade from the iPhone 6 Plus to the iPhone 6s Plus? We put the two against each other to find out.

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iPhone 6s unboxing: http://bit.ly/1OXikDX

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Readers Comments (42)

  1. Are iphone 6s and 6s plus and 6 plus are 3 different models?

  2. I am here watching this on my android

  3. He said 4K is four times 1080p omg I can't believe he is a tech journalist

  4. is the guy a Filipino?

  5. whats the difference of 6 plus and 6s plus?Is it the same size and how it looks?

  6. if you hold the 6plus next to the 6s plus while shooting a test video , you can see the 6plus video quality looks like a cheaper toy compare to the newer 6s plus, go try it and see for yourself.
    besides of that, i don't think it is worth to wait for 7 . i wait for the 8 next year.

  7. you wanna show urself or the camera quality ? which one ?

  8. Best review, saved my extra bucks going to spend on 6S 🙂 Thanks a lot & good luck!

  9. did you film the video with an iphone 4s?

  10. i didnt know the 6plus OIS could use only when taking still picture. but not for the video. thanks man . 👍👍 love your reviews !

  11. Unlock Codes hand, I do not remember doing it.

  12. Watching this on my 6S Plus…

  13. can you send me a iphone 6 plus

  14. Some of the 6 Plus photos looked like there were fingerprint smudges over the lenses. I know that mine takes better photos than what you got. lol

  15. Does the front facing camera on the iPhone 6s Plus shoot 1080p?

  16. 4k video is two times 1080p, not 4. You said it yourself: "it takes twice the space of a 1080p video". And the iphone camera did improve since 2011.. It's not all about mpx 😉

  17. Star Wars 🔫🔫🔫🔫🔫

  18. And then when iPhone 7 comes everyone will say to wait for iPhone 7s. Next year will always be better. Just get newest now and upgrade later. Besides, you could die tomorrow. Don't die with old iPhone in your pocket. Coroner will laugh at you for sure.

  19. i would say camera has been one of the strong points of iphone….i have an iphone 6 and it has beaten dslr's when it comes to decent day and night photo shooting with ease of use(very important)….i never feel the need to buy a dslr, nor does any other phone camera comes close, u may line a bunch of android based phone cameras but none is so fast to click a pic in a jiff…iphone wins

  20. honestly guys who shoot in 4k on a regular basis, i think 1080p is decent enough…its saves some space too

  21. Thank you so much for clarifying this….you saved my money dude…;)

  22. U get a like for shooting a video of Lucy!

  23. i got a i phone6plus right now i was thinking about upgrading to i phone6splus so you think i should wait until the i phone 7 come out to upgrade

  24. fuck that shit its not worth the few secs performance and that 3d touch wait for the 7 plus thats what im getting

  25. I wish the iPhone had samsungs camera

  26. are you gonna make an unboxing video of the hermes apple watch cuff?

  27. big change coming from iP5s ?

  28. iphone S-ame shit for Apple morons to buy

  29. I'm coming from the 5 (not 5s)…I know the review is if you're coming from the 6 to the 6s but well worth the upgrade for me…

  30. You look like grown up Manny Delgado from modern family 😛

  31. Mark are you filipino?

  32. 0:51 phone on table is gold but in screen is spacegrey?

  33. Equating megapixel count to major change I the first 5 seconds. The rest of this video has been invalidated.

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