iPhone 6s Plus vs Note 7 – Camera Comparison

I compare the 12MP rear cameras of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 to the Apple iPhone 6s Plus.

***Time Codes***
Intro 0:00
Camera App Overview 0:50
Photo Comparison 3:05
Video Comparison 4:13
Final Thoughts 5:04
Outro 5:41
End 5:59

Gear I use: http://kit.com/Zollotech/zollotech-gear

Music: “Back Home” by Phaura – https://soundcloud.com/phaura/back-home – Royalty free and used with permission by the Artist Phaura

Outro Music: “Natoma” by Phaura – https://soundcloud.com/phaura/natoma -…

Readers Comments (48)

  1. Everyone say cheese, O Sh+$% my camera is melting 🙁

  2. The xbox box phothos wasnt captured properly

  3. I'm on ip6p in the photos it looked like they both had some that were better than the other but I'd say N7 55/45 but I've also taken photos on gs4 and had problems so going back to Samsung makes me a bit hesitant. Not to mention it could blow my head off 😉 if I'm honest I really want the n7 to be that good but I'm just having a hard time getting there.

  4. The Iphone performed better in ideal light but dull in low light. But the note 7 performed really well in low light conditions. The video taken by iphone was a bit better than Note 7.
    So I'd say iphone's camera is better than Note 7.

  5. proven fact samsung has the best camera

  6. samsung,Samsung, Samsung, Samsung samsung to me is the best

  7. why your note 7 havent explode?

  8. iphone was terrible and the note beat the crap out of it

  9. Yes Samsung hits Iphone in camera

  10. note 7 was just fucking released. wait for the i7 damn

  11. sir great video please do battery test comparison

  12. Photo's of note 7 looks great

  13. The note was definitely brighter and more detailed…

  14. That's not fair to compare these phones. They are not in the same year. Just wait iphone 7 then compare it to note 7. 😊

  15. With a few exceptions, I liked the iPhone pictures better

  16. Too close in quality. Can only assume iPhone 7 camera will be better.

  17. I love note 7….camera. ..n I m a fan of
    note 7 camera is better than iPhone 6s plus

  18. Note 7 has a great camera

  19. note 7 has super ois far better than apple s

  20. I think the Note 7 does better for photos. Some of the photos from the iPhone 6 Plus look dull and yellowish. The videos look similar. I think the Note has a slight advantage with a wider field of view, but that's just being nitpicky. Both videos look awesome.

  21. Note7 camera is better than iphone

  22. for photos it was a tie between them both, but in video iPhone seemed to have much better stabilization and better colours than note 7, so Iphone wins

  23. 저조도랑 동영상에서는 노트7이 압도적이네요.

  24. Samsung In my opinion looks great.

  25. There really is no competition between these two. But both shoot very good pictures for smartphones.

  26. I could not see any differences . Note7 just came out but 6s plus almost 1 year. Great job for iphone

  27. note 7 is actually quite good.

  28. This is I phones phone from last year and the pictures pretty much look the same so could you imagine the I phone 7 which will come out in a couple weeks? I'm sure the I phone 7 will look better

  29. I think iPhone did very good considering it came out last year.

  30. iPhone camera is better I think but note 7 has a bit more detail in their photos

  31. samsumg looks better with fotos and vids

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