iPhone 6S Speed Test : iOS 10.3.1 vs iOS 10.3.2 Beta 5 / Public Beta 5 Build 14F5089a

Apple released iOS 10.3.2 Beta 5 to developers and also the Public Beta 4 today April 27th
Just 3 days after the release of Beta 4. It comes with build
# 14F5089a. As this is a .x.x release no new features are expected.
and none has been reported so far in Beta 4 so hopefully
the focus has been under the hood fixes and improvements.

Lets run the test and find out.

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  1. en la version de ios 10.3.1 porque se ve mas amarillenta la pantalla?

  2. should I upgrade my iPhone 6s Plus from ios 9.3.4 to iOS 10.3.1? I am confused

  3. Hey, i have some problems with my iPhone 6s, usualy i got around 130.000 points in Antutu, but when I ran it the last few days, it scores only about 70.000, same with 3D Mark slingshot… Now, after a reset, it's a bit better(85.000), but not almost near the score it had before… There is no warranty left on it, i want to ask you guys if anybody knows what's going on with my Phone and how to fix it, sometimes I recorgnize a bit of a lag if i'm launching some apps that need a lot Power… Does anybody know something about this Problem? Is there a way to get rid of it? I've got not much money at the moment, it would be nice if I could fix it myself.. Thanks for helping!
    Geekbench (4) Scores only about 1500 in singlecore and 3000 in Multicore… I don't know what happened to that thing… I have used same way as always…

  4. Numbers say ios 10.3.1 is faster than this beta.

  5. Please, iPhone SE on your review!

  6. i need help please !!

    sir my pp pangu app is crashing on i phone 6s plus on ios 9.3.3 so i deleted it & tried to reinstall the app again but i am unable to reinstall ipa file via i funbox , status of my phone is still jaibreak

    i did not formatted the phone & i dont want to upgrade on any latest ios because i love to use jailbreak

    any one how can help , please help

  7. My SE only scored 122000 and 124000 in Antutu.
    Does anyone else experience lower scores on his/her SE as well or should I be worried?

  8. Where is ifone se ios 10.3.2 beta 5 test ???

  9. мне главное батарея )) (ios 10.2.1)

  10. Ios 10.3.2 beet5 battery life?
    Ios 10.3.1 for me abnormal battery loss

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