iPhone 6S vs. iPhone 7? Is it worth upgrading?

Today, Alex talks about the experience upgrading from the iPhone 6S to iPhone 7!

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Readers Comments (38)

  1. hoe to charge ur phone while listning music

  2. Summed it up perfectly! The iPhone 6s is just an iPhone 7 with the iPhone 7 being a LITTLE BETTER, (But it's not really needed). You can get away with the iPhone 6s perfectly fine but the iPhone 7 is just a little bit cooler

  3. What TV is that behind you?? It looks sweet

  4. Casey neistat used this song in one of his vlogs… rip

  5. buy an iphone 7 so you can be seenzoned in higher resolution.

  6. What was the song he played at the start. It was like "I love you, I love you…" etc

  7. That intro music who watches funk bros

  8. What's that song called?

  9. Can anyone help me? My computer outputs my windows sound and fuzziness instead of my Hyper X Cloud Headset microphone to other people on Skype, Discord and Teamspeak and I have tried all the youtube videos and things on the forum and nothing works….

  10. One of the speakers isn't real

  11. You should Do an led strip tutorial.

  12. iphone 6s plus or iphone 7 they have the same price

  13. which is better iphone 6 or SE


  15. Yes it's worth upgrading,

    to ANDROID!

  16. So why the funk bros music

  17. does anybody know this song which is on at the start??? thanks

  18. Great video Alex as always

  19. What song does he use at the start that goes like this "1 2 3 ** it 1 2 3 ** it love ya all love ya all " Thanks!

  20. My first techflow visit ….. and that was 5m.16sec of my life i wont get back ….AGHHHHHHHHHH!!!

  21. Hey Alex just wondering what phone you would suggest me to get I haven't got a lot of money due to my age and not getting paid enough, thank you if you read this p.s your videos are sick across all three channels keep it up bro 👍👊😀

  22. I think the iPhone 7 + is the best

  23. Hi Alex, Could you please do top 5 or something or that sort of best technology for a room? this could be things like how you the Siri "Turn my lights on" or anything

  24. iPhone 6 and 6s? It is the SE and 6s.

  25. I wanted to see iphone 7 not 7 plus. Plus sucks dick

  26. damm right its worth the upgrade

  27. I love the plus model!! 🙂

  28. apple fan boys go hard for apple 😄

  29. iPhone 7 vs Google picle

  30. Don't ever try to put iPhone 7 into water, because it is NOT waterproof. Check other videos on youtube.

  31. The only reason that he uses the funk bros intro is cos they have way more subs than him and he doesn't even credit them

  32. Love your videos Alex. one suggestion I have is for techflow recorded at the office is pretty echo-esk. Maybe make a DIY sound dampening wall that will move around? Just a thought. Thanks Alex, you are awesome.

  33. Why are your eyes always red on techflow videos

  34. I have an iphone 6s its served me well i dont think i will be getting the iphone 7

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