iPhone 7 Drop Test – From 1,000 FEET!! DON’T TRY THIS

The iPhone 7 Drop Test is here! This time we will do it from 1,000 Feet! Will this iPhone 7 Survive the EXTREME Drop Test?

This is a durability review on the Iphone 7 which was recently released.

We are also doing an international giveaway for a brand new iPhone 7.

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Readers Comments (34)

  1. I need phone😭😭. Why do you drop it like a trash

  2. give me Samsung Galaxy s8 pls

  3. this is my number 09973766818

  4. that was so amazing and i want to have a iphone 7 plsss

  5. can u give me one iPhone plzz I have no mobile plzz one give me iPhone please bro

  6. if I have iPhone especially iPhone 7 I would care for it I will not let the phone crack or ruined, imagine, they are just wasting money, they have to think money is not only picking everywhere, you should buy food or something that can help you so that your morrow will be great, now I am also saying you can buy phone or something you want but just care for it 😀

  7. Kids in Africa could have ate that phone

  8. Incredible job bro !!!!!

  9. I will poop in my pents if I get one

  10. iPhone 7 sucks… s8 is better!

  11. What is the mark and the model of the drone please?

  12. pray to all the phones that been destroyed in many videos you uploded..😅😅

  13. he dropped it at 1:45 thank me later

  14. despen on which it touch after dropping … but poor apple ahihihi

  15. if you say DONT TRY THIS, but why did you do and record it, B!+{h

  16. who else is wathing it in Iphone 7+

  17. that shows Samsung is better

  18. Ok so if u notice when the dropped the galaxy phone it landed on its back not the screen and when they dropped the iphone it landed on the screen. That was not a fair dropp. They both need to drop on the same side.

  19. this channel is a BIG shit…

  20. drop on grass…………………….

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