iPhone 7 Plus Battery Life 4K Test vs iPhone 7, SE, Galaxy S7 edge, Note 7, Xperia X Performance

iPhone 7 Plus battery life test using the 4K Camera. Comparison vs Apple iPhone 7, iPhone SE, Samsung Galaxy S7 edge, Samsung Galaxy Note 7, Sony Xperia X Performance, LG G5, HTC 10, OnePlus 3.

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  1. That's quite a collection of phones you have there. But your methodology is flawed. If you record video and nothing is moving, the phones processor will have to hardly do any work for compression. Also if you are recording the floor like that, the screen shows black which uses less power. When I do my own tests like this I aim my cameras at a TV or computer screen that is playing YouTube videos. At least the phones need to process data to compress and don't have black screens. Another flaw is you shouldn't depend on the accuracy of the phone's battery meter. If all phones tell you they dropped to 90%, that might be worthless to compare them since some of them are surely inaccurate. Testing them until the battery dies would be better, but you would probably run out of data storage on some of your phones.

  2. stupid test! how to compare battery life by recording video! no one cares how much it drain battery when we record 30 mins! coz almost everyone dont use phone that much to record a video!
    just do some stuff like browsing web , download big file , play some youtube video in max brightness and then tell us what happens!!

  3. yeah iphone 7plus is the best for battery life but its 800$ and you need to wait at least 2 hours for full charge.

  4. real life tests show that s7 edge has best battery life out of these phones

  5. i useing the s 7 edge the batt last me 5 day very good

  6. You better to know samsung galaxy 7 edge has a battery capacity like 3400Mili/ampe…such a shame for being eliminated at the first run!

  7. The Snapdragon versions of the S7E and Note 7 seem to have worse battery life than the Exynos versions…

  8. I have the note 5 and work provided 6 plus. My 6 plus last double of what my Note can last and this is my 2nd note replacement . IOS is just so efficient in battery life. After beeing and avid Android user for years I jus ordered a 7 plus. The battery life is that much better on ios. Looking to get a used note 7 also after the dust settles down.

  9. lol exynos s7 edges and note 7s have the best battery life lol

  10. comparisons should full brightness, n u should show all the battery percent in the early of the test. just like LBS chanel

  11. Great results. Does your 7 Plus have the "hissing" issue?

  12. Hahahaha nothing beats the Huawei Mate 8 in battery life!!!

  13. IOS keeps getting impresssive results from battery life stuff. You should keep in mind that Note 7, GS7E and OP3 have AMOLED displays, so it should save some battery while video recording due to the black screen. And since iphones still use LCD, still gives better result shooting in comparison to android phones.

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