iPhone 7 Plus VS Samsung Galaxy Note 7

TZ here with my video of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 VS the iPhone 7 Plus. Which one is better and why? Especially after the battery explosion recall, which handset is the King? Find out why right now no emotion just pure facts.
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Readers Comments (41)

  1. so true this could be the last comparison between iPhone 7 and note 7

  2. The note 7 is clearly better, more features etc.. but it doesnt have enough power to go through those features. The iphone can get a lot of those features from jailbreaking and has the power for it

  3. Iphone 7 is better. It does not catch fire and therefore will not be confiscated when trying to ride a plane in the U.S.

  4. OMG this guy is so biased towards Samsung and I am an Android and Samsung fan

  5. my biggest mistake i bought this awesome samsung shit… huge huge regret. should have gone for the iphone 7 plus.. note 7 lags like a $ 200 phone. keep it up shitsung

  6. The iPhone 7 is better because it doesnt explode 😂😂👌🏻

  7. too bad that piece of shit explodes, now I'm going to switch to piece of shit iphone 7 plus

  8. Hi, I have an iphone but I had note 3 before and I agree with u iphone is very expensive and functionality and performance wise its no way never samsung flagship devices .. s6 would be faster than any iphone devices released till now + ios is not user friendly at all .. they call it an iphone however they apple choose what we should do with our phones like no mutitasking, downloading etc

  9. and another thing that I like Apple so much because you can put your applications you don't have to try to put them on the SD card because Android doesn't have a thing that you could put you up your applications in it all you can do is put a little bit of your applications in the SD card that's it Android onesie for your phone up with apps than your phone is full and you remember lot of people have iPhones you can put apps you can keep putting more apps music you don't have to worry about it so there's no space

  10. anytime at the battery remember the battery blows I like about the Note 7 is the space that's the first Android phone that I see have a 64 gig with a 256 gig of hard drive space what SD card which is good that's all I see it's good other than that the battery blows up don't get me wrong I think it's pretty cool and what else is on it camera Myspace because you put up with

  11. yeah y'all going to still try to bash on our phone is better the iPhone always been better

  12. Note 7 is recalled trash. Super dud !! Lol

  13. iphone 7 plus is better

  14. The note sounds garbage when use Bluetooth headphones

  15. I have both you don't know what you are talking about. You seem to be bias to Samsung.

  16. The most biased review on YouTube

  17. you really can't say which phone is better it depends on the person if you love Android you love Android if you love iPhone you love iPhone Samsung messed up this time I had the Note 7 and took it back still have my Note 5

  18. I agree with everything you've said except one thing: The front facing camera on the iPhone 7/Plus beats the one on the Note 7. Everything else is totally true.

  19. What case are you using on the note 7? Looks good

  20. the Note 7 is the better phone, more functionality better screen resolution and a head phone Jack

  21. the ppl that's saying the Note 7 finger print scanner is garbage are more likely IPhone fans

  22. Most of these reviews between iOS and Android and iPhones and Android phones do not factor in the mind set and almost "religious" aspect of iPhone devotees. This goes way beyond technology.

    iPhone people are not interested in or swayed by technology results: in the same way that global warming deniers are not convinced that climate change is the result of human behavior.

    Steve Jobs was and will always be a religious inspiration for iPhone people.
    Keep your stupid facts to yourself, Android people.

  23. thnak you for video these are facts. I'm agree with you Ireally love samsung It is better 😉

  24. Hi tech Zilla can I ask you what do you think about all the exploding thing?
    I really want to buy the note 7 but the exploding thing, is disappointing me.
    It seems that even the replaced devices aren't so safe (3 in USA) ater all.
    Thank you so much.

  25. Techbro, is Android Nougat likely to make Note 7 performance even better?

  26. You are completely correct. I have been using the note series from note to note7. Never have I regret. Peace bro.

  27. I like this test the phones is right next to each other so I can see the best way to go

  28. Great comparison. very factual. no BS. totally agree Note 7 smashed the iPhone 7 all the way.

  29. you prove it , u the one with both phones, all u keep sayin is what other reviews say, n u not accurate on all points….smh u just hated on the iphone the whole video..

  30. damn he just a iphone hater

  31. note 7 for the win 😎

  32. Hey everyone don't listen he's not relevant in the world he's unknown he's practically butters from south park

  33. Excellent comparison. I recently exchanged my iPhone 7 for the Note.

  34. Note 7 is the best smartphone ..

  35. Which one is easier to get a glass screen protector to work on?

  36. Real talk review. Keep it up

  37. Great review!! My Onyx Black Note 7 will be here tomorrow. I debated between these two, but went with the Note because of several of the same reasons you point out here. Apple makes nice looking, well built devices, but they really need to step it up as far as innovation and features. Samsung is wearing them out.

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