iPhone 7 Vs. Galaxy S7 Edge (4K)

2 of arguably the best phones of this year (well.. Pixel? xD). How do they stack up against each other? Let’s find out!

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Readers Comments (40)

  1. i can't decide. non fanboys plz help me

  2. i would choose 6s on 7 but i am very much satisfied with my s7edge

  3. I don't know which should I buy ! 😑 that's a huge dilemma!

  4. he's definitely trying to diss iPhone by making this video in 4k

  5. Hey… well done comparison… I'm not sure why you used the S7 edge and not the regular S7… or the Ip7 plus vs S7edge… besides that you covered it pretty well. With battery I think the IPhone has the best stand by time but I'm sure the s7 edge would win in hours of use test.

  6. imgur? is that what he meant at 5:54?

  7. Hey FailTech What about the symbols or logos in the back bottom of the iPhone! Like SE 0682 and other symbols. I don't see them on the back of my iPhone! What is the different! The iPhone works perfect as what Apple promised and I'm on real IOS. I'm on beta. < just to clarify the iPhone not fake.

  8. What game did u play in 5:00 Mins ! I loved it..

  9. s7 edge all the way, how can you compare such a beautiful phone to that apple iphone?

  10. the s7 edge is fake take a look at the back of the phone there should be the name of the phone


  12. The iphone is shit and even more shit compared to the samsung

  13. The iPhone 7 blows the s7 and s7 edge out the water it's way more powerful phone hands down iPhones have the best soft ware so compare what you want the s7 can't hang

  14. bro Ip7 battery sucks ip7+ rivals s7 not ip7 ur the first guy to say ip7 battery life is good

  15. The s7 edge battery life is far superior to the Iphone 7's…

  16. The Samsung has a much better battery then the iPhone 7 and in games the S7 is much better! I have an S7 and ive never fealt any problems with lag or something but with my friends iPhone 7 he says that hes lagging more with that then the S7 (He tested mine). So you do not know what your talking about in this video, sry!

    Goodby and have a nice day!

  17. the s7 edge has way more to offer than the iPhone 7. the only thing apple has going for it is its new gpu an cpu. but in real life use you won't notice it unless you are a heavy gamer .

  18. i needed a new phone i was going to get a iphone but after this video i decided to go with the s7edge and it was the best decision ever i am in love with the s7edge

  19. im sorry but i had my silver platinum s7 edge on a table and my mate put his iPhone 7 next to it. Looks wise the s7 edge is just perfect. battery life is amazing with me watching full hd videos all day and i still have battery to spare. if anyone went into a shop and picked a iphone 7 over s7 edge they are only getting it because its an 'iphone' #andoidisbetter

  20. ips screen are better

  21. that chin is for gaming man

  22. The iPhone dies way faster than the Samsung 7 what are you talking about you obviously haven't seen videos about there battery life

  23. The s7 edge is a wayyyy better than the iphone, but both of them are very nice phones! Nice video!

  24. Hi Iphone users! Watching this video in 1440 x 2560 resolution on my s7 edge😎😎😂

  25. Why don't you use the iPhone 7 plus , it would make the challenge much fair

  26. iPhone has a better operating software than Samsungs android

  27. Iphone beats S7 Edge? Software is good but. when you have 1500mah more then your obviously going to last longer. OBVIOUSLY. GALAXY WINS IN BATTERY.

  28. "Galaxy has 3600 mAh but only 1960 mAh on IPhone but the iPhone has more battery".. I think I lost a couple brain cells.

  29. The Samsung smashes the iPhone on battery where tf did this guy get that the iPhone is better

  30. iphone 7 beats s7 edge on battery
    where tf did get that from ??? ….

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