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  1. The Se is a beast. Its better than the 7 mainly coz the Se is way cheaper right now .

  2. SE is the best.

  3. Dude trim your fingers its gross to look at, and distracting.

  4. The iPhone SE has a thirty minute larger battery than the 7. I'm using an SE btw. Got it last June

  5. btw the iPhone 7 does not have stereo speakers on the bottom….one of those is a microphone…the second speaker is in the ear piece…

  6. Who's watching this on IPHONE SE?

  7. Nothing against the content or the youtuber, but why people still upload videos in 30FPS? It's a disgusting experience, even regular movies 24 to 29,90 FPS, I use SVP to interpolate the FPS to have a 60FPS feeling.

  8. The "bigger screen" thing has nothing to do with the speed, they both have the same resolution !

  9. В рекламе кака я та китаянка поёт (((👎🏻

  10. The SE is ridiculous fast i love it

  11. Anyone who owns iphone se, how's the battery life? How long does it last?

  12. The same shit 🙆🏾‍♂️

  13. like iphone dislike samsung

  14. Iphone 7 can suck it.

  15. 7 is completely better
    u cant tell which one is faster because wifi signal is fluctuating even u use the same wifi
    bigger screen better for your eyes
    no one produce small screen smart phone except apple..

  16. SEOの方が良いやん

  17. Do it again but with ios 9 on the SE please!!!! It's so easy to downgrade

  18. dude the iphone se is just fine, i mean it's so fast and it also has a phone size display, i mean just look at it. it's supposed to be a phone, not a freakin tv, so i think the screen is just perfect. other than that the 7 has a very slippery surface in my personal opinion and it's a pretty large phone, far away from what i call a "perfect sized phone". soo.. yeah i mean, the iphone se in my opinion is so much better because you get like all the stuff that the 7 has (almost all of it) for a much lower price.. sorry for the long comment. great video tho :)) :DD

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