Iphone 7 vs My Galaxy Note 5 Geekbench 4, BENCHMARK, Speed Test

Iphone 7 vs my Galaxy note 5 Geekbench, Speed Test and More …

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  1. Dude! Clean your nails next time you do a video.

  2. It's hard to give the iPhone the win when Antutu segfaults and dies on it. iOS is unstable crap.

  3. You dont even know how to close tabs on note 5 and that's not note 7

  4. i have been android since gunger bread, it seems android loose performance over time much faster than iphones do, i have the note 5 and have had it replaced bc manufacturer defects and hav done nothing too demanding, just some castle clash, youtube and facebook sometimes, thats it, and it gave out so fast, just 5 months into it, my sister had 1 screen defect and now her phone locked up, android just isn't what it used to be, iphone stays consistent with there products, i know many iphone users, many of then could upgrade but choose not too, there happy with there older phones because they still run like the day they were new.

  5. Do a real life test, not benchmarks. in real life test u can see who is better. Can u do note 5 vs iphone 7 real life test? Thx

  6. What's the background music? Sounds good.

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