iPhone 7 vs Note 7 SPEED TEST, Tortoise and Hare

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This is the iPhone 7 vs Note 7 speed test. In this test we throw a series of light and heavy apps at the phones really putting them through their paces. The first lap tests shear load speeds while the second lap tests multitasking. I was surprised with these results.

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Readers Comments (38)

  1. i hope i can afford this or someon give me 🙁

  2. Where did you put the V20 speed test video?

  3. Who plays games anymore? Lol

  4. LG V20 easily beats the Note7.
    THANK YOU for the two videos.

  5. do not blame not 7 coz it looses on games

  6. the exynos variant don't reload apps !!!

  7. overclock it. nuff said.

  8. A rip off from PhoneBuff's channel and lacks the same expertise.

  9. Nice hat droid. Go noles

  10. yo man do you know how to root an Android system model SM-J120W

  11. seriously why do you even compare iso to android?
    do you ever make a video of opening apps from your mac and pc?
    just compare android to android…

  12. Note 7 is t faster. Probably a really great phone but it's forever slow as hell

  13. don't used WiFi. used ur data.

  14. don't used WiFi. used ur data.

  15. Now gather your self and lets talk about hissing noise!!!😂

  16. The Note 7 got hot and in turn the processor throttled back. That's why it was so much slower. The Apple processors perform more instructions per clock cycle than any other mobile phone processor and do it efficiently without a whole lot of heat. Couple that with fast memory, storage and video controllers and the result is one beast of a performer. The camera and screen on the S7 and Note 7 are better but not that much better. The extra heat can't be good for component and battery longevity even with the replacement Note 7.

  17. Larry hopefully it'll improve over time. Samsung has been very diligent in optimization patches over the life of the s7 series

  18. just reading through the comments feeling sorry for the android fan boys

  19. thanks for the tune

  20. Anytime you want to give away that SLOW Note 7…I'll take it.

  21. this is embarassing 🙁

  22. I am not getting why are reviewer comparing iphone 7 with android phones, think of note 7 with a 720p display and imagine its gaming prowess.

  23. ur phone got issues

    my note7 exynos better than this shit

  24. good comparison….!!


  26. much more fare than the massive amounts of bullshit test

  27. He may have a bad or pre recall note 7. Check out other tests like from mw technology and xeetechcare. Note 7 does better with most apps and iPhone does better with the games. Also the note keeps all the apps in memory so they come out about equal.

  28. iPhone 7 VS mate 8 pleees

  29. How much of this is due to a supposed much needed recode of Android itself? I keep reading articles that Google needs to recode Android, or how much has to do with each of the various Android launchers? Does that have much of an impact on this too?

  30. WOW!!! More proof that the iPhone is a monster…!!!

  31. I thought the note 7 would have exploded past the iPhone. Ah well.

  32. still would never buy an iPhone they seem like there made for women 👌

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