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  1. ANY web requests are completely invalid. No cache clear, no history clear, nothing. THIS IS AN INVALID TEST VIDEO which does NOT properly show an accurate test.

  2. hola tengo dilema de eleccion .para fotos y videos cual da mas calidad? experia x misma camara que performance o iphone 7? tu conoces bien .gracias.

  3. waww….Luv Xperia Xperformance…..

  4. how about the battery life is that good?

  5. where did you get the xperia? i thought the us versions didnt have the fingerprint scanner

  6. Make pictures with the button on the side that's faster

  7. x performance never meant to be a flagship phone, it doesnt deserve this comparison

  8. this is helpful. thank you for the review!

  9. Lmao iPhone 7 won in every damn thing

  10. +Xperia Fan in browser test iphone 7 was full of cache !!! WTH man !? remove cache before take video plus then xperia X performence camera sutter 4 time faster iphone 7 ! are you sure that was xperia xp !? 😐

  11. xperia xp is the better phot

  12. does the x performance overheat? and will it ever get full manual control on camera app on coming updates? looking into buying this phone.

  13. у сони самый лучший дизайн

  14. Does X Performance have the latest update?

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