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  1. ففكوا امه😂😂😂😂

  2. So streching screens whitout breaking them is a thing now


  3. 경고: 당신들은 내 2015년 특허를 침해하고 있다는 의심이 든다
    Warning: I'm suspicious of your infringing on my 2015 patent.

  4. This is FAKE, FAKE , FAKE

  5. This actually amazing and such a good idea, apple should see this

  6. いやこれはもし出てもほしいと思わん

  7. みんな言ってるけど前にiPhone7はこれだ!って出てたのによく名前だけ変えて同じの投稿できたな笑


  9. 指とか髪の毛挟んだら痛そうとしかおもえんかった

  10. Apple should start watching these concepts cough cough make it apple

  11. iPhone 8 comes out

    iPhone 9 – Widescreen

  12. I'm laughing so hard at this

  13. This sadly seems like a good odea

  14. iphone u made another mistake it will broke if it fall to screen and to back 😂and how i can have a case incase it falls

  15. さすがにこれはないわ

  16. I doubt how this could possibly exist.

  17. how would u put on a case (I drop my phone constantly) and imagine the work you have to do to take off the case every time you want to extend it. If I can't put a case on it, it's a deal breaker I'll break it on the first day.

  18. Cant you just buy an ipad?


  20. Apple has removed the home button on the iphone 8 and camera clusters along the camera itself are not visible on the video screen is not true

  21. They could make it in real life that would be cool but what About the case and the simcard

  22. if this is real it would be very cool

  23. All fake videos just close your business

  24. ありえなそう

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