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  1. Hahaha that same Blackberry thing can be applied to iPhone users today, or any smartphone user, but instead of the distraction being business related, it's facebook, instagram or twitter…

  2. Gue Punya Logo Baru dan Keren ini Buat BlackBerry

  3. Welcome back BlackBerry, I missed you.

  4. I still love BB 😀 but all that stuff he said about BlackBerry is now true about iPhone users haha

  5. FUCK Black-fuckin-Berry… now n forever more !!!

  6. i love blackberry! 3

  7. It's weird how ppl in my school thinks that having a blackberry is way cooler than having an iPhone.

  8. I have a BlackBerry… and I'm guilty about everything he says XD except for being tempted by the iPhone…

  9. iPhone all the way!

  10. @PL4NETS4INTS It doesn't

  11. fuck you Blackberry… lol

  12. @Max17766 Like Google?

  13. @squamish4244 Yeah, right… That's why most companies and people are jumping ship from RIM and heading straight to other companies.

  14. the bit he had for iphones was the same he had on cordless phones like 20 years ago

  15. iPhone is for baby it has only games bb is for business people

  16. The iPhone is a Blackberry with pretty colors.

  17. That joke about not being able to slam the iphone down when you hang up is a new twist on an older joke of his. He used to say the same thing about cordless phones. Guess he had to update it.


  19. Seinfeld!! My Comedian hero!

  20. hahahaha…i want boom boom roboda song!!!!nw right nw!!!!!

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