iPhoneSE VS iPhone 6S Plus TouchID Challenge [4K]

iPhoneSE VS iPhone 6S Plus TouchID Challenge [4K]

Figured I would do a simple test between the iPhone SE and the iPhone 6S plus TouchID system to see if the idea of having new TouchID on the 6S holds water. Well. Watch and find out!

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Readers Comments (7)

  1. If you watch this at 0.25 speed, they're actually almost the same, especially at 1:24

  2. So the touch Id isnt bad at all for the SE, but is it faster than 5s?

  3. Love the Hugh Laurie screensaver

  4. Thanks this was bothering me now you proved that the SE is equal. Now I will go buy one !

  5. It's the same, even though the iPhone 6s have the fingerprint sensor 2nd generation a very significant difference is not seen.

  6. In case anyone didn't know. The iPhone SE does NOT have 2nd generation Touch ID. Personally I think it's just a lot quicker because of the blazing fast A9 chip both of these phone are currently holding.

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