MCDODO 2.4a Fast Magnetic Charging Cable with LED Charge + Sync Indicating Light. Compatible with all Micro to USB Android Devices (Android Gold)

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BREAK THE TRADITIONAL WAY OF CHARGING YOUR IPHONE/IPAD. IT’S TIME FOR A PREMIUM MAGNETIC CHARGING CABLE – THE MOST IMPROVED & DURABLE MAGNETIC CHARGER ON THE MARKET! HIGH QUALITY & DURABILTY • Aluminium/Woven Nylon/TPE • Anti-dust, Anti-oxidation, Anti-scratch and Fast Heat dissipation • Hard and Durable Metal Nylon Woven Fabric Wire, Strong and Anti-twined • High Quality Manufacturing – 40000 Times through pulling in and out test MAGNETIC ABSORPTON • 2x Stronger Absorption Force as both pieces are Magnetic • Easy to connect, easy to separate • Auto-aim • Reversible Pin FAST CHARGING, HIGH SPEED • 2.4A • Fast charging – Double Charge Speed • Up to a 30% Increase in Charging Speed • 480-Mbps transmission speed COMPATIBILITY • Compatible with iPhone 5, 5c, 5s, SE, 6, 6 Plus, 6s, 6s Plus, 7, 7 Plus, iPad, iPad mini, iPad PRO, iPod. SPECIFICATIONS • Blue LED Light to Indicate Charging • Length : 3.11FT • Color : Silver, Gold • Certified – CE, ROHS, FCC McDODO Brand Products have been well tested before delivery, any problem please feel free to contact us through Amazon Email System and we will do our best to serve you. We love implementing new ideas and trying to bring the future to the present a little bit faster. McDODOPREMIUM QUALITY – The MCDODO Detachable Magnetic charging cable is a 3 foot long – Next Generation of charging and Extremely easy to Quickly attach and detach. With a selection of Iphone Gold/Silver OR Android Gold/Silver combined with our custom logo on the USB port and Deluxe Packaging.
GREAT FUNCTIONALITY – Comes in two Magnetic pieces, Doubling the Force and the Ease of Absorption between the pieces! 2.4a Current for up to 30% Faster Charging Speed. Includes a Magnetic Anti-Dust insertion Pin capable of Double-sided/Reversible charge as well as Data syncing when connected to a Laptop. Blue LED lights indicate the charge and sync.
ULTRA DURABLE MATERIAL – Hard Aluminium around the Connection Ports as well as a Non-Tangle Nylon Fabric Woven around the Wiring to ensure a more durable charger with a longer lifespan GUARANTEED. Pull Tested over 30,000 times to prove a greater Longevity.
PERFECT FOR – Connecting/Disconnecting your Device with One Hand; Quickly Unplugging your Phone while in a Rush; Finding your Phone/Tablet in the Dark; Connecting/Disconnecting your Device with Ease while Driving; Ensuring your Device does not Fall and get Damaged when the Wire is Tugged; Less Damaged device due to a reduced insertion/extraction of cable.
CERTIFIED – CE, ROHS, FCC Certifications to ensure that the Original MCDODO Magnetic Chargers Quality/Performance/Material/Functionality are performing at an Optimal level. 1 YEAR RISK FREE WARRANTY – Just Message us if anything is wrong.

Discounted Price – $14.88

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