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  1. dont ever use windows phone beacues very hard to find game……

  2. man i think android is better

  3. i'm getting 200 mbit down and 100 mbit up so maximum speed i have from my ftth connection on my 950xl.. the wifi is awesome it's just the apps/servers it connects to that suck balls.. go to a website and run a speedtest there..

  4. Android on nexus looks so much better than other os.
    Windows phone is nothing special to be proud and iphone is too expensive until now !

  5. yea sure u pressed aplle first u could not press all 3 in the same time so this test is idiot

  6. earned I sub, you just did.

  7. 45 is shit slow………………….

    well i ge justt 1mBps here

  8. Tu lumia esta pocho, tiralo y de paso lo grabas, el mio marca bien las puntuaciones, es el mejor con diferencia el lumia 950xl ds

  9. My 1520 scored 60373 on that test

  10. for me the best is lumia 950 xl

  11. Antutu is not accurate on windows phone. It's beta app

  12. I just scored over 72000 with lumia 950 dual sim, today after win 10 anniversary update…soooo…does it means that lumia 950 is the best form this three smart's?

  13. пинг блять меньше в 8 раз на iPhone!!!!!!!!!!!

    es lo mejor que hay

  15. Wow Lumia 950 only has 29,651 in AnTuTu? My ZenFone Max with SD410 gets 25-30k

  16. We Get 100gigs in Ireland . were the I.T. CAPITAL OF EUROPE .WO WO …!!!

  17. man, slow old android. funny!

  18. Windows 10 mobile anniversary update gave me 86402 in benchmark on the 950 XL

  19. ''slow old android,, oooooo i HATE you

  20. No longer trust these benchmark tests. I did a test, on the same app, on a Lumia 950 XL and got 87527. I've seen videos of the Lumia get alot lower as well.

  21. galaxy grand prime is a 150 dollar phone that's 10x faster than that android

  22. watching this on neither of those im watching this galaxy tab 4

  23. I'm android user and I should say Windows is far better than Android

  24. You need to compare deices that cost the same, like Nexus 5X, iPhone 5s and Lumia 830

  25. speed : iPhone 6 > Lumia > Nexus

  26. You habe no clue what you are doing. Please, stop making Videos consisting of comparing completely different devices with completely und uncompareable benchmarks. And not having tue extreme Screen Resolution of the Lumia in mind makes it all worse. Bull of crap

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