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  1. iPhone 6 vs moto g2 2016 Android 6.0

  2. Iv had the motorola g 2nd gen for over a year now. At first it worked like a champ. 6-7 months later it started acting up and is the slowest phone on the whole entire planet! I do not recommend it for anyone, and if you do/did buy one you will know what I mean

  3. I'm upgrading from the g 2nd gen to the 6s and I don't regret it. Too much crashing and laggyyyyyyyyy.

  4. Either way. This is one hell of an investment for $99 bucks. just disable the apps you don't use to free some megs from that gig of ram.

  5. it's a bit difficult to compare low end specs of a midranger that relies on a open source OS compared to a fully dedicated device with an SOC specifically designed for that "high end," devices hardware.

  6. I know iPhone here in Brazil is very very expensive… And he isn´t so good and so better than another smartphones.

  7. I've got Moto G, but after 2 month it runs like shit. Lags, interface reloads etc. This stuff ain't happen at iP 🙂

  8. I have the Moto G2 for moe than 6 months now, i just love it, works like a champ, goodbye iphone and samsungs. Just get the 16gb version and don't drop it, i'm serious.

  9. People complaining for the price…
    Poor!! Ok, are rich. Why are crying for that?
    Just basing on the price and that shitty things, doesn't base for the experience.

  10. MOTO g2 is the best because it much cheaper with some good performance

  11. yeahh the moto g 2014 ran pretty fast when was "new".
    a year ago when it was new it gave a tough fight to my brothers iphone 6 and now it sucks big time.
    his iphone 6 still runs faster always(he has not reset his phone in a year) and my moto g cant even stand in front of his iphone.
    I hope you got the difference. -_-
    Android sucks after a while like literally.

  12. iPhone with jailbreak = best smartphone. All the features people are complaining about it not having can be installed with a jailbreak or else those features probably aren't useful enough to be a deciding factor.

  13. Nonsense its like comparing maruti 800 with Volkswagen Polo ….how can you ?

  14. oh and with the moto g 3rd gen coming out in like 1 or 2 months i think a test again will be in oroder

  15. his guy doesnt have a clue turn off the live wallpaper for a start  start by doing a clean install on moto g 2nd gen

  16. it sounds like fiat
    vs Lemberg

  17. If you're are looking into buying a moto g, I highly recommend it!

  18. 200 USD vs. 900 USD????!!!! A unfair comparison for the moto g….

  19. Apple is IOS is androids App drawer

  20. Wallpaper are you using on Moto G2 ?

  21. moto g is crap lol

  22. Where I round this wallpaper of Moto G?

  23. I'm very happy with my Moto G, 2nd gen. $189.00 in BestBuy here in Puerto Rico. 🙂

  24. Tracked enabled in Android. Darn phone don't stop tracking their users!! This Viewer who hardly make enough to even afford that cheap plastic android device comparing Moto G with an Iphone 6 beauty? Seriously.. Just save your money and buy Android. Iphone is in completely different league. There is no comparison. Google Android is nothing besides the best Spyware ever created in human history. All the data Google collecting from Android users is simply insane. Fcukin Dumb Android users are so stupid and dumb fcuks left out in this world who don't even care about jack shit about their personnel life, but love to comment about Iphone or IOS. If you don't like IOS, than stick that cheap ass fartdroid up in your butt. This dumb reviewer who probably begged to borrow an iPhone 6 for a review, he simply can't afford an brand new iPhone 6. Like cmon!! Keep using that Cheap android to provide free data to google to keep tracking your dumb ass.

  25. I never understood and still don't understand why people hate on the iPhone so much. I understand that it's expensive but every flagship phone is around the same price?? Also the iPhone's are always extremely fluid. There are some bugs but there are bugs on every OS I think that people shouldn't knock it till they tried it. Lol.

  26. Immune to software issues? With every ios update, more bugs are created. Ios 8 is a buggy mess

  27. With Lollipop and Root, Xposed, Gravitybox and more the Moto G2 converts the iPhone 6 in a toy xD

  28. You can't base your facts that ios is faster based on this video.. you can buy three motos for the price of one iphone

  29. The iPhone is better, but not fucking $600 better. I would expect the iPhone to open apps in 1 millisecond if I'm paying that much for it.

  30. What is the name of that wallpaper in moto g2 pls reply

  31. Where can i find the iphones wallpaper u got? by the way nice video

  32. How many Moto Gs I can buy with one iPhone six?

  33. You guys can't afford an iphone so u keep appriciating those cheap devices i phone can easily defeat nexus 6 and lg g3

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