Moto G4 Plus vs iPhone 6S Plus- SPEED TEST (Surprise!)

Moto G Plus (4th gen) vs iPhone 6S Plus CAMERA TEST!
NEW Moto G (4th Gen)
The Moto G4 Plus takes on the mighty iPhone 6S Plus! An interesting speed test in b/w the lower mid-range Motorola/Lenovo Moto G Plus (4th Gen) and the premium iPhone 6S Plus.

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  1. Что тут сравнивать??!

  2. i remember in aniotjer video when someone else, made a comparison iphone 6 vs moto g2 and surpresed becouse moto g2 won .whith more reason moto g4, iphone its a fucking marketing

  3. Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 Pro Wins :v/

  4. Please compare z play and iphone 6 plus

    I'm subscribed ☺️

  5. I have seen in many videos​ that Z PLAY is FASTER then G4.

    So if you will COMPARE Z PLAY and IPHONE 6s it'll be a very very CLOSE comparison!

  6. o moto g 4 plus sempre vai ser o melhor

  7. through iPhone looks kinda jittery

  8. Apples are way overrated

  9. Apple is overpriced Shit…

  10. Thanks for the vid mate, am thinking of ditching my 6S Plus for a Moto. BTW I've never seen my iPhone load that fast.

  11. Hey, should I change my regular Moto g4 for the iPhone 6? I like apple more and it's the same price so I could sell my Moto g4 and buy the 2014 iPhone 6

  12. moto g 4+ will slow down over time. iphone remains quite snappy even after a year or 2.

  13. moto g4 plus (2G Ram) or lenovo K6 note ?!

  14. iPhone doest screen flicker like motog4+ does lol😂

  15. Seu sotaque é engraçado.

  16. that looked like a iPhone 7

  17. Is motoG4+ available on offline store

  18. iphone has bezels thicker than your mom

  19. I have Moto g4plus ..
    awesome mobile .. with quick finger print sensor, good ram management ,fantastic camera, I love the display and smooth gaming experience so what requires more than this..

  20. I actually love the starting animation om the moto

  21. U are mad iPhone is the best do the ram test of all phones with iPhone.All phones will lose

  22. Good video. Do you have any problem in games (Example: lags). I have a Moto X 2014 and i want to buy Moto G4 plus. Do you recommend it to me? Thanks!

  23. How about the iPhone 6S Plus on the latest iOS 10.2 vs Xperia Z5 Premium on Marshmallow 6.0.1 I'm interested who will win in that race?

  24. what's the memory of g4 plus?

  25. helo kia mai moto g4 lelo new

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