NEW Get Snapchat HACKS iPhone, iPad, iPod (NO JAILBREAK) 2017 iOS 10/9

Snapchat++ :

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Readers Comments (29)

  1. This nigga sound like a fake fetty wap

  2. I can't change my location it only showed were I am I try to put Dubai and it didn't work

  3. snapchat ++ don't work for tutu app bc the Chinese app store doesn't have it.

  4. Mines turned back into regular sc

  5. the snapchat++ crashes me

  6. my stories aren't loading and I can't send snaps on snapchat++

  7. I can't see my stories or chats

  8. obviously the app isn't going to work.. it has a fucking ton of bugs so chill out till the new update

  9. Boom! i downloaded it! BOOM! and i got to tell you guys ! BOOM! It does not work! BOOM! it crashes when you try to download a snap story! BOOM! does not upload a pic because gets stuck there! BOOM! the geolocation hack doesnt work either! BOOM!

  10. It always says can't not refresh someone help 🙁

  11. It's really buggy and doesn't even work properly someone should contact the developer. You can't save or send snaps or let alone post fucking snaps

  12. Your voice is so annoying and you are seriously one of the ugliest boys I have ever seen just sayin shevon or however you pronounce it and you suck at doing videos I think your mom or sister would do such a better job than you. Che k out everythingapplepro and idevicehelp itweakz dinozambaz they know what'sup and I recommend all subscribers check them out they are sooooooooo much better than this dude check them out and you'll see:)

  13. i cant send snaps plz help me

  14. I accidentally disabled snapchat+ settings and now i cant find them anywhere. any idea on how to get the back???

  15. Every time I try to get the filters I don't get them. And I'm from Jamaica.

  16. Cant load Any Store ADN cant sens snaps, almost line i have no internet connection

  17. Cant open app ive tried opening it for about 10 minutes

  18. How do you record the screen. Great vid btw

  19. The app works but when I try to upload from my camera roll it freezes? Any solution to this?

  20. Keeps crashing, heard Jailbreak is doing this but any tweaks to get into the app… pls help xD

  21. Doesn't let me view or send snaps 🙁 it's all blank

  22. What if were jailbroken?? What tweak for the location and filters ??? Or do we just download the app

  23. I can't open the application

  24. Mine crashes every time I try and open it.

  25. That ad though, that reaction 😂😂

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