New iPhone Tricks & Glitches you’ve Never seen before

New iPhone Tricks & Glitches in iOS 10.3.1 /10.3.2

Amazing tricks you probably didn’t know your iPhone could do

What’s on my iPhone ? Custom set up (No Jailbreak Required)

How to Remove The Paint From an iPhone

iOS 10.3.1 Jailbreak Demoed by Pangu Team

Galaxy S8 Vs Maserati, Will it survive ?…

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  1. Hey Guy's i Hope you Enjoy the Video ! Have a Great Day ✌🏼

  2. Do ios 10.2 jailbreak tweaks

  3. When I turn off the phone the labels come back

  4. Still waiting for a no animations glitch like the one we had before.

  5. how can I unlock a Iphone with icloud lock?

  6. YouTube technique is not working on my iPhone 7

  7. hi dude ur videos are quite informative..i wanted to know if there is any data toggle button like wifi toggle in control centre…

  8. Great finds indeed Weirdly looks like BUGS on the OS 😛

  9. Lock screen be nice if you reply I'm subscribed to you good man

  10. Hi mate very good video is there's twesk for 10.2 to remove that nasty big clock that makes photos look nasty

  11. I really like the new ani

  12. Can you please find a method of how to control your iPhone with mouse like android

  13. Thank you very much for the video! Finally I can remove the labels because the old glitch seems to not work anymore.

  14. Hi iDeviceHelp, if you check my channel there is a glitch that I discovered which allows you to hide any icon on your SpringBoard! If you would like to use it/make a video on it please provide credit in your video. Thanks in advance 🙂

  15. idevice please help me my battery percent is stuck on 100% to please make a video on how fix it help me!!

  16. My iPhone 6 battery percent is stuck on 100% please help me

  17. Why is your name IDeviceHelp when you basically brick iPhones

  18. In accessibility turn on reduce white point all the way down AND do the low light zoom AND enable greyscale AND turn the brightness all the way down on your friends phone. Its so dark you legit can see anything well enough to disable it unless you're in a pitch black room

  19. Haven't watched yet but hopefully something (new)

  20. I really like the animation change glitch!

  21. I don't understand y does apple not fix the bug's instead it patches the jailbreaks not happy at all #fuck #Apple & # iOS

  22. "Works every time," but the method where you open Control Centre, press the Home Button, and swipe up again does as well, lol

  23. iOS is becoming crap slowly slowly. Why dont Apple see such type of videos sometimes they should watch this.

  24. Is this true iOS 11 beta 1 for Developers on June 5 2017?

  25. iOS 10.x still has enough bugs, but Apple seem to try to mitigate as much as they can. I expect in a few more major releases iOS will have a very good bug control.

  26. I've seen #1 from EverythingApplePro.

  27. Hi good vid.. why you only have 242.000 (at 12.5.17) subs, duuuuude you need like 5 mil
    $( th comment
    guess which number "$(" is 😉

  28. Ios 10.3.1 jailbreak..?

  29. The last one is there since the first Ios 10 beta, unbelievable they didnt fix that yet.

  30. you are the best! thank you every single bit for helping us!!!:D

  31. Not one of the bugs are working on my IPhone 7 I don't understand why…

  32. I've had that last one on my iphone 7, 10.2. I've also had a glitch where the controlcenter is in landscape

  33. When do you think iOS 10.3.2 will be released?

  34. The rotate bug with the multitasker was happening all the way back to ios 9 on 4s
    I remember it because my friend used to do that kind of swiping apps without going back first to the homescreen

  35. Hey I love your videos keep up the great work

  36. What does respringing your iphone actually do?

  37. Very nice video thank you

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