Nexus 6P Android N vs iPhone 6S iOS 9.3 – Speed Test (4K)

An early speed test comparison between Google Nexus 6P Android N vs iOS 9.3 running on Apple iPhone 6S. Which is Faster?

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Readers Comments (49)

  1. Thanks for the video, very interesting, informative and useful for people not interested in taking sides like me.

  2. Add many apps into the android and iphone , Then you will see which is the best. Iphone is best because it have orderly and own system but android system is confused system. You can see android shit on many soapbox devices.But ios you never will see except iphone.

  3. I'like a comparison of a Iphone vs a flsahip Android, but both cel phones with display with same size and resolution. (

  4. lol all these iphone haters be mad

  5. you fool! we can increase animation speed in developer options. fuck u

  6. Gotta consider that the 6p needs a lot more effort to move that 2k screen vs 1080 in the iphone , so android n wins for me

  7. Great video, i am your new subscriber. I want to know is it worth to buy nexus 6p? Does this phone have a heating issue? Should i buy iphone se or nexus 6p. Reply asap please. Thanks

  8. yu don't know how to give review. don't know how to use touch..

  9. yu don't know how to give review. don't know how to use touch..

  10. Nexus 6P is Looking to Biggg

  11. qhd vs 750p, I say nexus 6p won.

  12. when will official Android N be released

  13. Worst speed test ever LMAO

  14. Айфон быстрее загрузился… Если бы автор додумался не учитывать время показа предупреждения о перепрошивке, то нексус был бы быстрее. Нексус быстрее везде, и это только первые беты

  15. You should be comparing it to the 6S Plus, it has to push more pixels…

  16. Why would you compare iOS 9.3 to an unfinished version of Android N? It should be iOS 9.3 vs Android 6.0.1, right?

  17. This doesn't make sense. Nexus 6P has a 2K display 2560 x 1440 against the iphone 6s 1334 x 750. Almost twice of pixels to push. Anyone that know just a littler bit of computers knows that graphics is one of the most demanding shore that a processor has to endure. So please if you are going to do this comparison make it fair.

  18. 0:55 Yes you can! There's something called Android Beta Programm. It's incredible easy and fast. Just search it in Google.

  19. you cant use a rooted phone dude

  20. you cant use a rooted phone dude

  21. Keep in mind Android N is entirely in VERY early Beta

  22. I've said this tons of times, you cant compare and android to an iPhone. the apps are optimized differently.

  23. xeetechcare spam 👎👎👎👎🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕

  24. wtf man android n test release ios 9.3 stable release

  25. Would Vulkan make Android faster in general or just in games?

  26. You should redo the same test but vs the iOS 9.3 iPhone 6s also add the gs7 and the nexus 6p

  27. Jay-Z makes phone videos now ha 😀 XD XD

  28. Where the hell did you see web pages loading faster on nexus? All the pages that you loaded were not even fully loaded when you starting to tell: yeeah, nexus is faster.. Nexus faster again.. The next second the iphone loaded the full page and the nexus didn't, so i think you are obviously deforming reality

  29. That iPhone is só dirty xD

  30. That comparison is absolute nonsense! You are comparing two different systems, not the power of the hardware of those two phones.

  31. Always Android, CuZz When I Buy's A Phone I Want IT To Be Mine Not 30% Mine And 70% crAppLe's. I Also dislike the review CuZ Beta VS Stable OS…REally?…

    This Test SeEms So ''Pre-Done'' to CrAppLes Advantage..

  32. Dude this comparison isn't far even if they are both beta versions.

  33. I would love to tell u that Samsung learned and delivered, and I would suggest u to check the marshmallow update which they addressed the issue and fixed it…

  34. Why does iOS look so damn boring?

  35. 6P won the store comparison -.-

  36. it would be better taken iPhone 6s Plus

  37. What a huge waste of time, better to compare the actual OS than to compare the speed of two beta OS.

  38. +XEETECHCARE Which one has better battery life ?

  39. The boot time has nothing to do with the 810. Since Lollipop boot up times have increased substantially on Android.

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    easy and simple steps to join.

  41. 3:42 on the iphone it says 'Yo mama let me get your number' lmao xD

  42. Jesus that iphone has seen some shit

  43. Not Fair.. Chrome has cached the Web pages.. that's y it's faster… Try opening both in Private window

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