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  1. better stabilization for android but view becomes narrower than iphone

  2. Pixel wins stability . But the 4k on iPhone 7 slightly better ?

  3. I was too distracted to see which was better, dat ass yo, and then there were two of them. Haha.

  4. You caught a small Falun Dafa human rights happening 🙂

  5. I'm watching a 4k video at 480p cause my internet can't handle anything more. XD

  6. Not the best video to watch right after eating lunch, almost hurled!

  7. What about image quality. Electronic image stabilization is mostly cropping the image which can result in quality loss. With S7 you can clearly see a difference between stabilization on and off.

  8. It's all preference obviously but at times it appears the pixel and it's EIS is way too aggressive as you said. It's great if you're walking straight and not necessarily focusing on any subjects. But once you start turning its as if the software tries to locate a subject, which results in a robotic lag. It pauses, locates then locks. That's where it tends to fail. Where I've seen videos of the iPhone 7, and galaxy s series with their respective ois rotate a lot smoother without necessarily forcing a target lock. In this respect I feel that ois is better, but again obviously it's a matter of opinion. I have 2 little boys so, ois is definitely needed for my lifestyle. Yet in most linear instances EIS is definitely superior.

  9. could you do a camera comparison between the iPhone 7 and HTC 10?

  10. okay, this pixel stabilization is over 9000. kraaaaayzy

  11. are you suffering with the halo effect?

  12. Good for Google stabilization! That light swinging still bothers me, though.
    The last guy made me wonder if you should 've ended the video by saying 'piss out' (?)

  13. were you holding these phones in two different hands? if so, it's an unfair test.

  14. we have a new king of stabilisation and it's an Android with no iOS !! wtf

  15. So uh. That last guy was a little weird.

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