Pixel XL vs iPhone 7 Plus vs V20 Camera Test

Today’s Topic..Triple Threat Match

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Sunday October 23rd.. VLOG #74!

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Readers Comments (30)

  1. front camera on v20 just bad….

  2. anyone else notice the sound difference when switched to the lgv20…wow major difference

  3. youre videos are awesome brooo

  4. Second quiz….
    What phone made the third picture?

  5. On the roller coaster the LG won because of the audio and video, the audio blew the other two away.

  6. which one you like the most

  7. I am expecting for pictures:1. Google Pixel 2. LG V203. iPhone 7 Plus
    Video:1. LG V202. iPhone 7 Plus 3. Google Pixel

  8. Great video. It's clear that if you get any of these cameras you are not going to be disappointed. Any phone that doesn't reach this bar this year won't even be in the running. I've got the pixel XL and the photos and video are fantastic but I would be happy with any of these phones. Got to respect the v20 for its sound. I've heard that the DAC is awesome on that device. This is the one thing about the pixel that I would change. In all honesty the speaker on the XL is fine as is the headphone but I would love the v20 sound.

  9. a is lg v20,b is 7 plus, c is pixle xl

  10. best video bro I really am thinking of the V20 as my go getter because of the wide angle shots

  11. LG are morons, they could split by importing the V20 in Europe, however they chose not to. Demented!

  12. my v20 is really a multimedia beast

  13. what do you think the best things in three?

  14. It seems like the 7Plus are always the worst.

  15. why does the pixel sound muffled

  16. A Iphone 7 plus B Pixle C V20

  17. Did you adjust anything on the V20? because I've tested my V20 with the 6P several times and its audio quality was not that great. I used both front and rear cameras in auto mode. The 6P excelled the V20 most of the time when it comes to sound quality 🙁

  18. A : v20
    B : xl
    c : 7 plus

  19. A-V20 ,B-pixel xl and C-i phone 7

  20. A. V20
    B. Pixel XL
    C. iphone 7

  21. a=v20 b=7 plus c=pixel

  22. Really good, only missed pictures taken with the front facing cameras.

  23. great vlog I'm going with the v20 on all … the audio was amazing thanks you sir

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