S7 ACTIVE VS IPHONE 6 FOR VLOGGING – Samsung Galaxy S7 Active Unboxing & Review

S7 video test begins at 4:17.
Can you use the S7 Active for vlogging? Is it better than the iPhone 6? Let’s find out!
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Readers Comments (45)


  2. I have that phone in gold

  3. the USB is a data transfer hub man πŸ˜‹

  4. if i had S7 I would jumping om my bed

  5. The S7's mic is not the best, but the camera is great. So, to be honest, both of them are good, but the iPhone has a better mic.
    (I mean, you can ask someone to replace the mic, they might do it, might not. I asked someone and they did it for me.)

  6. do you know if s7 active is dust and water resistance ?

  7. the multiple different camera angles made me laugh… exactly like unbix therapy


  9. brotha, get a glass screenprotector for that s7 ASAP, the top layer is poly and scratches way to easy. that's the only way they made it shatter resistant. got one on mine and it was all worth the 5 bucks

  10. Hey YuB, I'm not entirely sure if this applies to your phone, but recently I saw a news report saying there's a recall for lots of Samsung phones. They have faulty batteries which could burst into flames. Again, not sure if your S7 Active applies, but I figured it'd be best to warn you.

  11. Samsung didn't let us down on S7

  12. I'm going to ask a YouTuber that has a lot of subs to give you a shoutout

  13. dude grab a screen glass protector for your galaxy s7 active ASAP. it has a drop proff screen but it scratches easily. just a tip

  14. Ken and I both thought the S7 looked better than even your vlog cam.

  15. did anyone else notice his shirt? YUB or DIE. love it lol

  16. yay extra videos are awesome! Especially if they're like this. If you're going to downsize the video to 1080p, don't bother recording in 4k. You look amazing just the way you are πŸ˜‰

    Oh lord, I can't. I literally started giggling because of that attempt to flirt. Have you ever seen a bad, straight actor try to flirt to another straight man? Not a pretty OR convincing sight haha

  17. I donΓ½ know much about phones sadly xD I have an Iphone 5 myself but I do think that the S7 looks really cool! I hope you like it :3

  18. S7 seems pretty amazing

    (And I'm a long time iPhone-user)

  19. Im at the beginning of the video and what I first notice is his awesome shirt XD

  20. Im Back School Started so ya

  21. By the way iPhone 6 mic pics up more noises like the wind, so I think u should use s7

  22. I might be able to get a phone for my 11th b day comin up! Do u suggest the s7?

  23. That's why I always choose Samsung.

  24. Hey +YuB there's a new update to go simulator with a new level you should check it out

  25. iPhone 6 has better front camera, or I think,the mic and rear are not that great. As for the S7 there is a lot less shake and has great rear cam, better lighting, GREAT 4K, I would take the S7 with vlogging. I hope this was nice from a commenter, bye-Five!

  26. i prefer the camera because the image and the sound is good

  27. you are just like me when i gotmy first phone… i throw everything but the the phone and charger and other items out

  28. The S7 is a great phone. Way better than my s5, but my s5 is MILES better than my old iphone 3gs

  29. s7
    looks and sounds much better in my opinion

  30. I am inclined to Android devices, but in all honesty the new phone did a thousand times better. just think the pictures you can take and put on instagram with that camera β™₯-β™₯ plus the new phone seemed to slightly block out the background noise and wind ^-^

  31. Dat s7 is pretty dope

  32. Those camera angles though

  33. Epic Video πŸ˜€ Love You

  34. my mom has the same type of phone as me and she knows how to work hers but not mine.

    Also I'm an electronic mastwr

  35. hey man can you make a video on how you record your videos I wanna know because I'm new on youtube

  36. lol your a christian

  37. hey YuB plz do a draw my life video

  38. whether vlogs or gameplay videos or durability text I love your every freaking video

  39. And the battery is really long

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