Samsung Galaxy Note 7 vs Apple iPhone 6s Plus first look

Galaxy Note 7 vs iPhone 6S Plus:

Samsung or Apple, Galaxy Note 7 or iPhone 6S Plus? Which is the right large-screened phablet smartphone for you? Let’s find out in this quick look!

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Readers Comments (26)

  1. Note 7. We will remember you! <3

  2. Y'all guys extro putting Samsungs in tress

  3. 2k17 galaxy s8 and note 8!! who waiting?

  4. I liked very machu the gold.

  5. Looks are very deceiving. The Note 7 may look nicer, but at least the iPhone 6s Plus is more reliable, and it doesn't catch on fire or explode!

  6. Ya kelimeleri yutarak konusuyosun bi bok anlamadık aq yoksa ingiliççebilmediğimizden değil 😀

  7. Just switched to Apple. Sorry Sammy

  8. iPhone is the best phone since 2007. Apple is always inovating first and it's not using crappy android.


  10. You have the loudest ss sound

  11. The note 7 is so impressive, I'm not a fan of apple but I'm going to switch over, only reason why is because of reliability. Every Android I've had crashed like crazy, the thing is, I took such good care of every phone I had. It's more than just apps (ex snapchat, IG, camera crashes, etc) but the actual phone itself. My note edge got replaced 5 times in one year and I'm still having trouble. It really sucks to have to switch over but hey, at the end of the day i need a phone i can depend on. I also have a mac so it might be easier to use with my computer and itunes. Iphone 7 didn't impress me at all so I'm just going to switch to the Iphone 6s plus.

  12. él note 7 explota amigo

  13. note phones are so good they recalling them because they catching on fire.
    I have a iPhone 6 plus i never had any problems with my phone the battery life is really good.
    My battery last 3 or 4 days with heavy use.

  14. for all people who are saying "at least iphone's battery doesnt explode" please stop. dont you remember when the iphone 6 battery exploded? dont you remember how apple ignored it until it was sued? yeah, they ignored the exploding batteries until they were sued and then they fixed the problem. however, samsung didnt need to be sued. they just started fixing the problem directly because they care about their customers. im waiting till the note 7 is back in stores and im gonna buy it. i still trust samsung. and apple fans.. never forget.. sue them so they will fix your problem. oow right! i just remembered. the iphones which exploded were in the pocket or on a call. remember the video where a man shows how his ear was bloody from the iphone 6 exploding? note 7 is only exploding due to a short circuit issue while charging.

  15. Lol you could say the Samsung note 7 just roasted the iPhone 6s

  16. all you samsung note 7 fans wait for i phone 7

  17. The only reason the battery explodes is because Apple makes it even check

  18. IPhone 7 is the next shit phone lineup of the iPhone series, iPhone is the same "ONLY NOW IT HAS TWO LENS ON THE 7". It looks like 2 eyes on the phone and it looks completely stupid and it's still not expandable to memory which means it's going to cost more money to buy a 256GB IPhone vs buying a 256GB Micro SDCard for your NOTE 7. The IPhone 7 has 12MP camera umm ok the NOTE 7 has 16MP camera so camera beats the IPhone in Video and Pictures and it looks the same as the IP6, same crap. The NOTE 7 However has Expandable memory and it has the iris scanner to unlock your phone with your eyes which is very convenient and you can use the Virtual Reality (VR) with the NOTE 7 "NOT IPHONE7", so while Samsung goes into the future Apple as usual seems to go into the past by making the same shity phone every year which is completely retarded. Samsung Note 7 For The Win. "ENOUGH SAID PEOPLE"

  19. Now I gotta wait till September 30th to get a note 7 uhg

  20. at least iphone not exploded

  21. Wasn't he on Phone Arena???

  22. Hey at least an iPhone won't explode in your pocket

  23. The Note 7 is actually cheaper than the iPhone 6S Plus

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