Samsung Galaxy Note 7 vs Apple iPhone 6S vs Note 5 Drop Test! Don’t drop your iPhone or Galaxy Note!

It looks like the new Gorilla glass 5 on the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 breaks even easier than the Gorilla Glass 4 on the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 and the iPhone 6S’s Dual Ion Exchange glass. It will be interesting to see how the new iPhone 7 holds up! Samsung Galaxy S8 vs iPhone 7

I hope you enjoy this quick Drop Test and Review of the Note 7 vs iPhone 6S!

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Readers Comments (25)

  1. Plz do Galaxy S8 vs iShit 7

  2. лучше бы мне подарил 😟

  3. полюбому галакси круче! 🤗

  4. note 7 is not battery explositon on this test????

  5. 2.11 who else saw the bug

  6. before crash note 7 you can give me it

  7. you must've gotten unlucky with the note 7, I've seen the back last much longer than that before

  8. Where can I buy refurbished note 5 att in low price

  9. anyone else yelled "NO MY BABYS" every time the phones fell?

  10. no iphone 6s!!!🖓😠😠😠 iphone 6 plus

  11. why they but Glass on the back of the Galaxy Note 7

  12. The one advantage that the Samsung Galaxy has against the iPhone is when the galaxy is cracked you can still see the screen fairly well afterwards. When the iPhone is cracked the cracks obstruct the screen so it's very hard to see. Also the glass peels and falls off the screen easier on the iPhone than the galaxy screen does.

  13. Love the intro. Let's ready for fun.

  14. I guess the Note 5 is the flag ship phone again now that the Note 7 is gone.

  15. Fucking asshole it's u don't pronounce it galaxy it's galax

  16. if u observe the back of note got repeatedly faced the impact though it was front test so it is obvious that after such test it would crack …..and paracticaly the phones are so expensive that people handle it with care so all three are beast

  17. The note 5 cracked in my pocket.

  18. He sounded like he said success not 6 S! Lol

  19. does iphone has multi window

  20. are u serious 😭 gawd just give them to me just don't ruin them 😰

  21. Proof that the note line should have flat screens, like the note 5

  22. iphone home button it's done :)))(fun iphone :D)

  23. Note 5 still holds its own !!! The best phone I've ever had

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