Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus VS iPhone 6 Plus Drop Test!

NEW Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge PLUS Drop Test VS iPhone 6 Plus Drop Test. Just How Durable Is The New S6 Edge + Compared To iPhone 6 Plus? Bonus Burial Included.

Note 5 VS 6 Plus Drop Test HERE:

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  1. iphone 6 ithink is good , after i see this boo noob

  2. It's strange. Why hasn't it exploded yet?

  3. and Samsung galaxy on5 is better than all of your phones

  4. I'm a android user and I love apple

  5. Alguém 🇧🇷 brasil

  6. hahaha this this is just drama

  7. all mobile is not same this is just sample other mobile is very bad

  8. dude come on the s6 landed ON the iPhone……..not fair

  9. noooooo i phone get destroyed And loses

  10. I dropped my iphone 6plus flat on its face with case and it was the same

  11. The Samsung fell on the iPhone no fair

  12. Iphones better than all phones iphone just easy to break but check the specs its better faster and more improvements and apple is virus proof and samsung is not virus proof and samsung can explode and apple cannot explode

  13. see the s6 is so smart, on the 10ft face drop it pulled the iphone under it to brace its fall. you cant explain that crazy korean tech

  14. ive dropped my s6 down concrete stairs at my work car park, it bounced all the way down…picked it up and only a few scratches on the plastic outer rim. ive dropped it heavy about 7 times now

  15. that was not not fair! The galaxy landed on top of the iphone 6+ on the ten foot drop face down!

  16. 8:23
    iPhone 6+: Please let me get back up
    S6 Edge+: NOOO!!!
    iPhone 6+: ouch!!!
    S6 Edge+: Yeeiit!!!!

  17. I phone's always sucks i change my phone apple to galaxy
    i am using s6 edge plus its still better then s7 edge

  18. why you do this with the s6 edge + is the most beautiful phone ever 😭😭💋💋

  19. the back of smsng s6 edge plus sucks

  20. I hate the look of iphones when they first crak really bad it make itch

  21. this youtuber sucked tim cooked so much

  22. энгэж эвдэж байгаа s6 г нь надаа өгөөч

  23. everythingIOSpro comino soon

  24. you like phone so like iPhones if the Samsung so much get it iPhones are better

  25. I always hated Apple's iPhone and I wanted a Galaxy when the S2 came out

  26. lol like a wwe s6 edge plus smash down an iphone and iphone died

  27. My galaxy s6 edge plus fall for like 90 cm and broke

  28. do you usually use your phone without a case and how is it

  29. he spoiled the results with the thumbnail

  30. I will this S6 edge plus ✌🏻

  31. Samsung galaxy s6 edge plus is my favourite mobile phone

  32. Apple sucks ya'know,its so overrated

  33. They know how to make a phone that will never crack but when you crack your phone and pay to get it fixed more money for them

  34. Apple fans gonna get triggered

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